Greg Murat (mur-rah)  
  Singer-Songwriter  Guitarist  

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The Band. We play some classics and lots of original "MUR-RAH" music: Latin Jazzy R & B Reggae Island Rock. This music is high energy and great fun. Caution is advised, you will not be able to sit still and you may find yourself dancing wildly to Island rhythms. Many people's cheeks ache following a concert due to prolonged smiling. I have been spotted leaping into the air and jumping up and down in time to the music and so have our listeners. I love playing music with my friends and we love playing for our audiences. The band has performed at many festivals including The Garlic Festival, The Taste of Tacoma, Bumber Shoot, Equinox and the Taste of Edmonds.
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Greg Murat Cabo Beach

The band is something of a living entity that breathes and grows and changes. It is never less, but always more from the contributions of the many talented musicians who all have lives to live, responsibilities to meet and a shared desire and challenge to find the time for the thing we all love to do the most, play music. Each player adds their own unique seasonings to flavor this music. It is music that comes from a foundation built on the joy and celebration of life and passion. There is a special magic that comes when a group of players join together and form something new and positive: a force of one.
Band members are subject to change due to conditions of wind and surf but one thing is for sure, the musicians that take part are always fantastic.     The summer provides many festival venues like The Taste of Edmonds and we love doing outdoor shows and we look forward to many more each passing year. It's always so nice to play outside when the sun is shining,the wind is up and the the stage is cool.

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Greg Murat (mur-rah)