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Andie Murat (mur-rah) 

    In the spring of 2002, after a 6 month challenge of illness, I was told I was going to die.(I did not die though) This changed my life forever. I have always cherished my husband and family, but I have now found a new freedom in our lives. My hope for all people is that they be able to express themselves in a way that makes them happy and fulfilled, that they do the things they need to do and don't have regrets. Don't let other people or things or life stand in the way of your happiness, and always do what you do out of the goodness for all.
   You can't take any thing with you. And you sure can't go back, although it seems I have gotten a second chance to share my experience with you.
    The wonderful love and strength of my husband has made my life worth living . He makes me want to be a better person as does the inspiration of all of my children, who at times forced me to find deeper meaning within myself.
God granted us all wisdom, if we search for it and use it. This I continue to do daily, making many mistakes as I go, but knowing that God forgives is my strength and warmth.
    I have felt blessed with true love, fulfilled in career and family, with lots of children to raise. I am pretty happy with all I have done. Through the whole experience I never felt that I needed to do anything else as far as my life goes. Well, at that time, or even now, a vacation would be nice. That would be fun. And I would have wanted the chance to say good-bye to friends and family, not for me so much, as for them. I have had people in my life leave and I wish I could have said good-bye to them and that still hurts when I think about it.

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Andie sings A Far Cry From Love MP3

Most people never get to experience all that I have and then been given another chance. I thank God every day for what he has given us.
Now I find a new adventure with Greg in my ventures in music and life. Being inspired by Greg, who is an amazing person, musician, writer, and artist, I look forward to sharing my spirit through music and art. Greg is a natural leader, with a special insight into who people are and what they need . In my opinion, all of us can learn from him. I think he is a wonderful man.


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A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person
Deviation from this formula may require attorneys and therapy.

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