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Little Ones

Dream Machine

Sunny Day Song


Rock Me

Love Is Kind

Make Peace With Yourself

Summer Vacation

Live Solo Voice and Guitar 
Solo Vocals and Guitar

This CD was recorded at one of my first gigs playing solo after 3 years in a duo. It was on the waterfront in Everett where I played a couple of hours on piano and then picked up my guitar and sang for a few more hours. It was a lot of fun to watch the sunset in the evening while sitting at a grand piano. I sang a lot of my old favorites and began the process of learning to sing alone. It is something I should be used to after all these years but at times I feel like I have no idea what the heck I was thinking when I set out to be a singer song writer. That, like so much of my mental dialogue, is kept to myself however and I lose that way of thinking when I connect my voice to my heart and let it go in song.
Click on the underlined titles to hear short samples of the songs.

Dream Machine was written by Doug Hamilton. I can say that my son, Freedom, performed this song in concert and doesn't play a single one of the tunes I have written. I guess that says a lot about Doug's writing. I have never gotten tired of this tune.
Little Ones was written with the help of all the kids, Josh's line was I love you "big as noise". It is all good.


Morning Mist
Gone to Yesterday
Room With A View

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