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This CD is a collection of performances at various Northwest clubs. It is me and my guitar, the lonely minstrel. I have played so many places as a solo artist. I do love singing for people and some of the my most memorable nights have been shared by just a few. This, like other live CD's, will only be available for a while. It is a portion of recorded history of a very prolific song writer who is a bit on the slow side when it comes to working in the studio, even now that I have a very good one in our own home. I seem to always be doing projects for others.

Dream Machine was written by Doug Hamilton

Rock Me was written by Doug Hamilton and myself.

The rest of the songs were written by myself through the 80's,90's and 2000's.
Mary's song is for my mother who I miss very much.
The Groom and the Bride as written for our friends Keith's and Samantha's wedding.
I do was written for Andie and my wedding.
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