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I'd Like to Know

It Was You

Feel What You Feel


Let's Stay Friends Forever

Listen With Your Heart

People Don't Change

She Came To Me

Wasn't It A Time

Summer Soul

Piano Instrumental 

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This CD was recorded early one Saturday morning shortly after we built the studio. It was quiet and the household was still sleeping. I made some coffee and went in and fired up the console and in the still and quite of the morning I played these ten tunes. It is a soft reflective collection of music that represents how I heal my own heartaches and soothe my own troubles: sitting in the quiet and playing music.

Life, which is really called Life is Just Like a Kick in the Pants, was written on Sky Meadows farm way back in 1974 and has been heard by only myself and the walls for most of its existence.

Wasn't it a Time was written for Andy Williams to sing, but I lost his address.

Summer Soul was written for Nancy, the bartender at Sun Mountain Lodge where I used to play for a week each summer.

Let' Stay Friends Forever is one of my favorite tunes.

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