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Takemine Guitar


  • Siempre
  • D' etude de Tinkin
  • Fionly Adda
  • A Little Dream
  • Heart Shaped Tune
  • Ode to Black
  • Quiet Seclusion
  • Morning Son
  • So Much Love
  • The Kiss
  • Classique Gitar
  • La Mer
  • Guitar Instrumental 

    Life songs, Love songs and Heart songs. Enjoy the clips.
    Select titles to hear samples.

    This collection of guitar improvisation was recorded to help our daughter Sarah Maria sleep at night. She is an incredible artist, musician and person and like many gifted people, has trouble shutting down at night to rest. I love her so very much. It was a steady flow of playing for about an hour with snippets of songs as they floated off the strings.

    Siempre is a tune whose music was written by Doug Hamilton and whose lyrics I penned to Doug's title, Siempre. We have a lovely version of this recorded with Sarah singing in Spanish.

    Quiet contemplative music, one man, one guitar. The only buzz present is on the fret board.

    Sarah Murat

Morning Mist

Gone to Yesterday

Room With A View



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