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Light Hearted Latin Jazzy Reggae Pop

Photo of winter in Stahickin

A few lifetimes ago while driving through Northern California we stopped at a gas station and a beautiful young woman came out and pumped the gas. I can't recall if we even spoke but I was taken by her natural beauty. It was a cold winter day and there was snow on the mountain peaks in the distance. It was just one of those moments. Later, back in Washington I picked up my guitar and wrote this song. What an imagination I have.

The Lady Of Dunsmuir

Lady of Dunsmuir smiles for you
And the air warms and frost forms
On the words she speaks

It's warm inside by the fire
Won't you stay for awhile
I haven't had company for weeks
It's winter you know
And we've had lots of snow
And the lady of Dunsmuir smiles

I can see by your smile
You're a singer of songs
And there is poetry there in your eyes
Let me sing for you
Then you sing for me
A fleeting moment's harmony
Would that be so unwise

The Lady of Dunsmuir smiles for you
And the sparkle of her eyes
Like sunshine on the morning dew
Can fan the flickering fire
Deep inside of you

The Lady of Dunsmuir smiles, smiles


Words and Music written by Greg Murat ©1974
Publishing rights Spare Change Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

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