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Flash Poety  June 2006

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Thank you for my life

I sit on this raft lost at sea
And stare at the wonder in front of me
Content for a moment to just let it be
And this is good
I hold part of the future in my arms
New life old soul colorful charms
From city streets to country farms
Suppose I could
Go back in time and change
Would that be good or simply strange
Choices like dominoes in range
Tumbled where they would
I would heal the hurt in others first
Mine down the line
Quench this thirst
That would be fine
I have dodged death's knife
Long enough to learn a thing or two
I am thankful for my life
And most thankful for loving you
June 30, 2006

Wait a minute

Wait a minute
I did that
The minute went
I lay flat
Dodging duty
But jumped up
When you came to me
That's enough
I said truly
Since time leaves no escaping
What is the point in waiting
Tomorrow's a long time
Yesterday's tomorrow's
Have long since passed
Do you a dream
Then begin it
Don't hold back
Don't wait a minute
June 29, 2006

The Circle

If you came to get and not to give
You will find yourself wanting
No matter how long you live
You will find the past is daunting
If you have to wonder what you did
That wasn't all for you
The grown up needs to be the kid
And the kid the grown up true
Children teach us to see clearly
What we ought to cherish dearly
To take into our heart
The magic that's the start
Of life and the ending too
I am happy for the time
I have to spend with you
In an endless circle
Of love that is ever true
June 24, 2006

I Forgot to breath

I forgot to breath and didn't even notice
Someone said hey inhale I hardly heard their voice
I was concentrating on the pain
I had generated with my choice
And I guess it comes down to this
Deeper meaning magic lotus
Relax don't have a cow
Flow into the moment
Be one with the Now
Don't have a hissy fit
Stay on don't quit
Do your best
Take the test
Keep the quest
Walk when others drive
No one gets out a live
Just breath
June 22, 2006


Chasing Time

You wouldn't know I was in a race
But for the sweat on my brow and strain on my face
Struggled and juggling just to keep pace
And to squeeze out just one more rhyme
Though my belt has stretched out more than a inch
Though I reach out to clutch and to clinch
There is no kind of wizardly winch
Than will slow this race against time
Racing time
acing time
Pacing time
Chasing time
June 16th, 2006


We Are Glad You Came

What wonders await the working
Of Miracles in believing hearts and minds
What courses cannot be charted
When change is so sublime
Now gurgles, giggles and going
Is how we spend our time.
Snuggles and huggles
Dancing and singing
So much joy
For one soul to be bringing
Into our home
Into our hearts
Which are never more the same
Though we're weary for the wear
You're with us everywhere
And we are so glad you came
And we are so glad you came
June 10, 2006


Watermelon comes with a smile
Memories of a barefoot child
Romping on the Georgia clay
Standing in the summer rain
My mothers laughter echoes
Such is time and time goes
More stories left for telling
Sweet fragrant smell I'm smelling
Tales to tell so tell them
And pass the watermelon

June 7, 2006


Full Bloom

Full bloom summer coming
Till noon spent in slumber
Hammer nails and lumber
To do list distinctly drumming
Sharp pain wants number
Roof leaks bad plumbing
House hassle a Bummer
Shark scene no chumming
Supper sit down summing
Pick me out a tune
Full Bloom
June 4, 2006

Weather Man

Sun shames the weather man
Rain has hidden its head
Regardless of what weather man said
The moist leaves glisten in the sun
Hope is high Day's begun
I think I can I think I can
I think I can
I'm glad I am not
The weather man
June 3, 2006

June Came to Soon

June came too soon
Rainy day tune
Dark clouds no moon
Time to make room
No time to spoon
Up and at 'em
Off I go
Through the arboretum
Chasing my lost freedom
Don't you know
The way
I have lost mine
You say
I will find it again
If in time
That's a win win
If I do
I may smile but for now
June came too soon
June 1, 2006

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