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Flash Poety  November 2005

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White Taylor Guitar Case

Days of Our Lives

These days run away like a sleigh in the snow
Tossed like flurries of leaves as they go
Snuggled and cuddled and close so we'll know
These are the days of our lives
Every minute spent waiting for time to go past
Comes from forgetting that our lives will not last
And only so long will our shadow be cast
Our memories will linger in the archives
Of those who are willing to read
Perhaps having written we will succeed
In helping meet somebody's need
With words written to the wise
These are the days of our lives
November 30, 2005

This Season

Child and man walk hand in hand
Heart to heart and head to head
Blending in the magic of the season
Walking and trying to understand
The Christmas stories read
To find the one true meaning
To climb up we need rope
That is spiritual and mature
The season should be filled with hope
To help those who would abjure
We need the Christmas spirit
In this land once so free
I say it loud for all to hear it
Not happy holidays but Merry Christmas
And very merry be
Christ is why there's Christmas day
It is the reason we all should say
Merry Christmas to you and me

November 27, 2005

All that I desire

When you look around and see the shadows
And realize you've entered a valley in life
Breath in slow and sweet and say adios
To the sun that shines when times are more polite
Forgive yourself and stop your fuming
And blaming those who know you and love you still
You are just another soul that's blooming
Combatant with evil and  with good will
See the monster and embrace it
Try as you might you won't erase it
You'll be forgiven as you forgive
But more than that, as you live
Let others do so too
We all do the best that we can do
Love and loss, pain and gain
Part of life that can stain
Or can lift us higher
Peace of mind is
All that I desire
For me and for you
November 26, 2005

Make it better

I lost some kindness somewhere in the pain
If I could find this one thing would remain
A heart that held magic and believed in love
A soul that believed in miracles from above
And from within and being free from disdain
I want the nearness of you
I want the fearless to break through
I want to live here and not on Saturn
I want to be real and to break this pattern
Too much has past I have had enough
I want to laugh and not chew snuff
I want life finished when I disembark
I want to leave more than a skid mark
Burn me up in this old sweater
In some small way I want to make it better
November 25, 2005

Happy what?

No call no show
I see how it go
And it go mo'
and will tomorrow
I find less care
I won't be there
When you despair
Hope you can borrow
What you need
You won't work for
So I concede
That is your door
It is not mine
Walk your path
I have no wrath
I wish you peace of mind
I am leaving this behind
I will not be bereft
I want to live what life is left
November 24, 2005

Lost and found

Anger management tranquilizer
Something to calm this madman
Frustration is an early riser
I don't want to be a bad man
But I am losing ground
I need new music in my head
I need that happy sound
So I can make a new start
So I can find my heart
In the lost and found
November 22, 2005

There You Are

Years pass like wind across the glades
It seems like only yesterday
Yet it has been more like decades
Just what would I stutter say
If I saw you face to face
I may never know that answer
Confusion courts disaster
From an easy chair
Stumbling blindly like a dancer
Who lost the will to care
And wound up in this place
Eyes closed wishing on a star

Still no matter where you are
There you are
November 20, 2005

Little One

Turn over, you can do it!
It is the first part of walking
You just have to put your mind to it
Like you do when you are talking
In the language of the infants
That you and angels understand
I can see you in the distance
In some far off foreign land
I can feel your heart beat
As I hold you in my arms
And this love so ever sweet
Will protect you from harm
I will keep you in my prayers
Every single day
And I will always be there
Even when I'm far away
Laughing, playing and pretending
I will love you long after life is ending
Remember this
No matter where upon you trod
Live, don't just exist
You are safely walking hand in hand with God

November 19, 2005

Sleepy Head

Sleepy head here upon my chest
Arms outstretched and squeezing
In all of life this is the best
Weary worries slowly easing
Laughter lightens Thank God for funny
And for times when time stands still
Leaves in flight like easy money
To be crushed and crunched upon a hill
I am drawn to calm like bees to honey
Though stress stealthily stalks me still
But finds me not for I've said
I am shrouded by this sleepy head
November 16, 2005

Early Riser

He doesn't wake up feisty or surly
The crispness of autumn at our door
Baby wakes up smiling
In blue and white striped sailor suit
He likes to wake up early
No sense of season just time for more
With cooing that's beguiling
He warms our hearts we can't keep mute
The happy face and sparkling eyes
Of our early morning riser
Is better than the grandest prize
He's our little happy geyser

November 13, 2005


Shine that light on the frame
To bring out all the colors
Bursting forth like flame
Lighting lifts the others
From the back to the fore ground
Like a volume knob is to sound
Good light brings out the best
We have an internal light
That we should put to test
And forsake fear and flight
But stand steady in our trust
Keep our light shining
Goodness tends to rust
If left in the dark too long
For daylight pining
Breath deep and
Keep your heart light on
Keep your heart light on
November 12, 2005

Leaves Leaving

Outside my window
The lilac bush stands bare
The Japanese Maple
Flashes fiery red
And does not despair
At autumn's arrival
Making one last
Bold stand
It's crimson leaves
Seem invincible
But tomorrow
The will lie
Scattered on the ground
It is not time for grieving
Just a season's change
Marked by leaves leaving

November 11, 2005

The Night

Is there a light in the night?
Moonshine is fine through
Cloud shroud cover
And offers a respite to
The night's darkness
Had hopelessness a color
It would be grisly gray
And nonreflective
When love for the sake of loving
Is the objective
It is a million candle power light
And can add the brightness of a noon day sun
To the deep cold darkest night
But what is love anyway?

November 9, 2005

The Measure

Life passes in a flash
Position now
Prepare to dash
You wonder how
To avoid a crash
And keep your cash

You're left feeling strange
Transition stage
A new exchange
This is the age
To pursue the range
It's time for change

What's your pleasure
Take your measure
More blessed is the life you live
If you find more ways to give
November 6, 2005

Morning Mist

Days lost
Lover's kissed
Cash cost
Morning mist
Rolls across the valley
In cars
Mist mars
Tolls emboss the rally
Pay toll
Cruise on
Rice bowl
New dawn
Strolls across the alley
Magic in the mist it
Am I awake or is this

November 5, 2005


Without a Clue

You phoned to tell us
What not to do
I am not jealous
I don't envy you
We have lived here
And have had some life
Year after year
With joy and strife
Sometimes naughty
Sometimes nice
Sometimes haughty
We'll take your advice
And not visit you
Thanks so much
Without a clue
Keep in touch
With distance do

November 4, 2005

With Two

Doubled over by trouble
Let me lend a hand to you
It's not like we're in a bubble
Burdens bear better with two
You stumble as will I
Hopes crumble but by and by
They will rise again
Help for helping's sane
What is the reason
It's a sage way to
Face the season
No matter what else you do
Life is lighter loving true
November 3, 2005

Looking Out

Sometimes looking out beats looking in
Wearing someone else's shoes
Gives a sense of where they've been
We're all subject to these blues
Summer scurries out
As autumn saunters in
What's it all about
I ask again and again
If I knew the answer
I simply can't recall
So I watch my favorite dancer
Autumn leaves as they begin to fall
November 2, 2005

Mind Gumbo

Smiling stretches cheeks
A smiler a smiler seeks
You can brighten tomorrow
Smile your way through sorrow
And keep it up for weeks
The effect of your demeanor
Can't be underestimated
Shape up by feeling leaner
Slumping says that you're frustrated
So smile until you feel elated

Your friends may think you've lost your mind
You may fool yourself into happy
Sometimes losing leads to a find
You find that you feel less crappy
Counting cutting cost is such a grind
Priceless is the price of peace of mind
November 1, 2005

Who will reach their potential
Just what is essential
What ever is a differential
I haven' a clue
Go about your business
Just don't forget this
Sometimes a kiss
Tells what is true
Autumn leaves swirling
Like a flag that's unfurling
Or a lifter that's curling
To bulk up
Lay to sleeping
Laugh when not weeping
When Tooling go jeeping
Don't sulk up
Let it be and be not blue
If nothing else say Boo
November 1, 2005


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