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Flash Poety  November 2006

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All poems were written by Greg Murat

Give Thanks

No pilfering pirates
No walking of planks
No caught in the mire
Just talking of thanks
Little boy wonder walking around
Playing and laughing what a wonderful sound
Generation to generation to generation again
Lost and elated in treasures we've found
Yellow windowed dwelling place
Open the doors and let some one in
See such sorrow shown on a face
Give someone a brand new chance to begin
When we help one another on the roads that we trod
We are reaching, beseeching and pleasing to God
November 23, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving

Where is the cold?

It is the season to be jolly
So they say is so much folly
Ninety degrees and sunny
No icy breeze, that's funny
No need for coat and hat
No pouring rain imagine that
No need for big galoshes
At least that's what Josh says
So I think of him today
He'll sit back and play a hand
In that far off sunny land
In my heart he's never far away
Soak up the sun be bold
Ice yourself a beer
You ask where is the cold
I'll tell you it is right here
November 22, 2006



Let Lost Souls Catch a Spirit Cab

I awake with this intrusion
Noisy feet shake dream's illusion
Refrigerator smucking shut
I startle saying What
Cozy cast off in my confusion
The door slowly teeters in
On no not ghosts again
I wish wandering would cease
They could lie then rest in peace
God gather their souls to keep
Then I could get some sleep
I say someone has paid the tab
So let lost souls catch a Spirit Cab
November 18, 2006

Up and at 'em

Thought shift new revision
Undone daze of indecision
Pure heart yields clear vision
To the path we walk
High held hearts hoping
Too tired to be just coping
Hot bath warm soaping
Time to talk the talk
Believing divine wisdom to know
Sustained by the seeds we sow
Up and at 'em and off we go
Avoiding each collision
November 13, 2006

No Sugar

Cafe Late this morning
French Vanilla is at the store
No sweetener performing
As I shake off my last snore
Blustering blowing daybreak
Far from sizzling sunshine
Arise fresh to partake
For the day holds something fine
Still it seems something of a booger
Having coffee with no sugar
November 8, 2006

Rain and Rain

I dreamed of red rocks and clay
I awoke to a rain soaked day
Dreams misting into nothing
Seasons soaking silent something
Something just beyond my mind's eye
Frolicking foolish and free I fly
For this body is just another car
It may take me near or far
But I will shed it by and by
If I can stay a float I'll try
To keep my head held up
Above this steady downpour
Catch a crisp drink in a cup
Relentless rain falls more and more
November 7, 2006

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves remind me
To put the past behind me
See the season's change
All emotions and full range
Peace and love to finally find me
More blessings than I can hold
Glad sad stories to be told
Thank God for my life
To be loved by my wife
To have shelter from the cold
To give each other comfort
To have healing from some hurt
To love truly gladly deeply
To live life and live completely
To find ways to stay alert
So let us tell a lover's tale
Knowing showing
Love will prevai
November 3, 2006

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