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Flash Poety  October and November 2007

Flash Poems

Kayden wondering hmm

Gray Day

Another gray day in the northland
Thoughts drift off to an
out reached hand
Seeking peace and to understand
Just what all transpired

And yet I feel no closer still
To understanding this force of will
That makes distance remain until
I see what is required

But I will forsake futility
As I take complete responsibility
I teeter towards tranquility
And find what I desired

All we seek to gain or win
Lies not without, it lies within

November 20, 2007

The Winds

The wind is still this chill morning
The streets are quiet as we drive
Feebly clinging leaves await their drop
As winter comes with fall ajourning
I am glad and grateful to be alive
Because time moves on and will not stop

Gather close family and friends
Together face the winter winds
Nov. 3, 2007

Cool Breeze

Frost formed on breath this day
Beach sands warm sun far away
Sensing season's change upon us
Tree's leaves sway an Adonis
On parade
Still stillness says so much
Warm smile tender touch
It's time that one forgets
Lost longings and sad regrets
A charade
We were meant to live well
Gathering memories to tell
To little ones upon our knees
Waves washing cool breeze
An arcade
Wide open to it all
I'll catch you if you fall
Lean on me and me on you
No trading love that's true
and displayed
Closed eyes
Yes please
Warm sand
Cool breeze
Oct. 4, 2007

A year in a minute

Time blows by like waves on sand
Who sees the hour glass or watch hand
Breath left on this morning one year ago
I confess I knew grief I never sought to know
But magic was woven in a mystic mystery
Gone you brought together this distant family
Care for caring no measure met to tally
Hearts for hearts seeking only to rally
Helping to heal those of us left to live
Comfort consoling we came only to give
Now scattered once again like chaff in the wind
Some seem to have forgotten the value of a friend
So it goes from dawn to dusk to dawn to dusk to dawn
For each of us there is an end until then life goes on
Oct. 12, 2007

What new season brings

I gather my guitar start to strum and sing
Thoughts flowing freely and freely flowing bring
The gift of a song on the wind
So swift as autumn rushes in
Again I stand in awe of the equinox display
Wonder water color wash in full array
Both in the sky and in the changing trees
Winter wind replaces summer breeze

Each season there for all austerity
Spirit, mind and heart in full prosperity
Though winter winds would extract their toll
This changing season finds me free and whole

Oct. 25, 2007

Flash Poems


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