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Flash Poety  December 2006

Flash Poems

Kayden's first snow


Cold Feet

We are far from Florida Keys
Icy water below my knees
I made it to the porch
Safe and dry
We left the keys in the car
Says I
Expletives poured out to expunge
My determination to take the plunge
Shin deep in icy cold
I made it back to the car
Having run not strolled
Numbness eased the pain
Warmness seemed so very far
I set out on my more merry routes
Wading to the shed to get our boots
Then racing home in my retreat
To warm dry socks for my cold feet

December 28, 2006

I love my wife

I love my wife
I'm glad she's there
She is the answer
To my unprayed prayer
No clashing chord
She is warm and sweet
Like harmony
Longer than my memory
She's been ever here for me
Meant for being mother
In a mystic mystery
She has loved like no other
All these kids who came to be
In her life
As did I and luckily
No more so sad
For I am glad
I love my wife

December 27, 2006

Lake Machias

Step lively but be aware
The bottom step is
Under all that water there
So I pondered this
For if I had kept
Walking into all my daily care
So soon after I'd slept
Icy feet would have greeted me
All subtlety would have been forsaken
The darkness would have cheated me
And I'd shout as all the warmth was taken
From my unsuspecting feet
But alas I saw a ripple
And knowing cold can cripple
Your ability to forsake swearing
All such concerns left uncaring
I froze in place asking Lord why us
As I gazed down on this Lake Machias

That'd formed all round where we reside
Then I turned and marched right back inside
And signaled my retreat
Still I thanked God that unto this hour
We're among the few who still have power
December 15, 2006


Boars in the backyard

Boars in the backyard
Never seen that before
I gave that my regard
I said tell me more
It is a whole family
They are everywhere
I have to say before I didn't see
Them in the yard but look there
All this from my grown child
It seems Sedona is still wild
In the desert far from Cenotes
The dry wind blows red rocks
Watch your back watch for coyotes
Spoke the minstrel man with dreadlocks
All is as it should be said the singer
This is easy enough to confess
Going glad into the night like the gunslinger
Sometimes more is less

December 13, 2006


Listen in the night
Do you hear the voices
Railing wrong and right
Calling us to choices
Reaching out to sleep
But failing to go under
We pray our souls to keep
Yet sleepless takes us plunder
Solitary silent sleeping
Makes one who rejoices
No sleep makes for weeping
Weariness intrudes us
Restfulness eludes us
Still we hike up our boots and carry on
Longing for a sunset beach or a dazzling dawn
With sand between our toes
Not this frost upon our nose
Yet here we are and here we stay
Watching choices slip away
I wish I may I wonder why
Life's a beach
Then you fly
Be happy or be sad
You choose
Don't lose
The cold is not so bad

December 10, 2006

Cold Calling

Cold calling
Frost thawing
Snow balling
Hee hawing
Winter time fun
Enter find none
Just warm house
Maybe not warm
Thick sweater
Makes better
Riding out storm
Cold hearth
Big chill
Big scarf
Cuts bill
Cold calling thank it
Wrapped up in blanket
December 9 2006

Lon Galia

Such little sleep leaves me feeling less than smart
So often sought to stay yet determined to depart
The strong finish what the weak fail to start
Lost inside this haze however or wherever thou art

Lost in Lon Galia
Cali Calu Calia
In a land built by the lonely
The sun shines on a cloud cacoon
On a salty sea that is only
Light up by a lover's moon
Cali Calu Calia
Lost in Lon Galia
Love comes and goes too soon
December 7, 2006


Hold the Snow

Grab the snow and start scooping
So cold outside the dog is pooping
On the porch
Off we go season's turning turning
Passion's past has ceased it's burning
Gone out like a torch
Still on and on and on we go
As we do the best we can
Every woman Every man
Reaping seeds we sow
That's all bad and good
Still here so knock on wood
And hold the snow
December 1, 2006

Flash Poems


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