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Flash Poety  March 2006
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Cabo San Lucas Sunset

Forward Still

It seems like time has a will
To hold me here in this place
Even though I've had my fill
My plans seem to self erase
There doesn't seem to be a pill
Or a drink that can encase
Dreams I have that hate the chill
I long for a warm embrace
The ocean just beyond the sill
Summer breeze candle light and lace
Strain the reins so forward still
Break free to run the race

March 28, 2006

Butt High

Butt high legs straight
Wants to walk, can't wait
Fast and forward his gait
When he gets the swing

Coordinated crawling
Frustrated squalling
Lost freedom calling
Time for us to sing

Soon there'll be a bike
And the mountains and a hike
Maybe an open mic
Whatever is his thing

Love will do what love must do
We're here and we'll take care of you
Move forward toward your fate
With butt high, legs straight

March 27, 2006


I Don't Know If I Am Up For This

I don't know if I am up for this how about you?
When you add up all we've seen and heard how much of it is true?
If the truth is always the truth is a lie always a lie?
People in authority seem to have a standard that passes that standard by
Pancakes falling freeing travel at a free fall rate
When they are thrown down they face another fate
I could sit and pray and ponder this and more for hours
What really happened in the tale of the two towers.


Chani's Birthday

The wonder of you
The newness of you
The you-ness of you
Are all apart of the treasure
You are to my soul
Would that we could take our leisure
And go for a stroll
Walk on the beach
Like we did today
There is much to learn and teach
And so very much to say
Your life is a canvass
Of rainbow hues
Who would plan this
You are my good news
I love you every day
Happy happy happy birthday

The one thing that makes me unblue
Is having one on one time
Just me and you
March 23, 2006

Flew Flu

Headaches like ocean spray
Seashell roar
Scorching day
What's this for
Foul frothing flu
Lays down me and you
Makes the baby cry and cry
It is
best when it says good-bye
Drink your fluid to make it through
You'll feel better when the flew flu
Anywhere but here today
Flu just fly away
March 20, 2006

Otay (I used my song titles in the lines)

Otay said one that walked away
Looking for a brighter day
The trouble with love is sorrow
So don't trade today for tomorrow
Or tomorrow for today
Love is kind then it ends
But forever let's stay friends
We do our best just you and me
We hoped so long for give us free
Where do we go, I wanna
Go to the Club Americana

Where can I find love I ask
When so many wear a mask
So much love until we're done
And you can't call 911
For you the cooing of a dove
Is such a far cry from love
I must walk away
You smiled and said "Otay"
March 16, 2006


The tulips will come calling soon
They herald in the spring in fine bloom
Rows and rows below the hills
The tulips and the daffodils
The color spills onto the ground
Another season rolls around
We will sing a springtime tune
While watching tulips bloom
March 15, 2006

Heavy Sighs

Softly across puffy pillows
Heavy sigh creeps
Like wind in the willows
Infant wonder sleeps
In quiet slumber
I look on from under
A grown up burden
On which I'd draw the curtain
Take in the moment for certain
With both my heart and with my eyes
And feel the love abound in heavy signs
March 14, 2006


Fogged in under clear skies
Asleep awake I realize
I'm sailing troubled seas
So let it out and keep it in
Come full circle once again
Finding comfort finding peace
In unspoken words and rhymes
In the tokens of the times
Round and round without end
Seamless circles spin and spin
And spin

March 12, 2006


Whether former or later
Mind you it does matter
Add better to the batter
Better best be Good

Life gives you a scolding
Troubles tear unfolding
So much to be holding
Let it go you should

Be on best behavior
Hold out for a savior
As common as xavier
Cast off knock on wood

Toll the world keeps turning
Releasing with a burning
Let this constant yearning
Be free flowing like it should

March 11, 2006


Some seasons are sophisticated
Seamless passing not complicated
We realize why we waited
For a just or unjust reward
Elated by emancipation
Forever free from frustration
It seems the joyous consternation
Will last forever more
Lunar phases come and go
Seasons change as we all know
The good, sad, happy, bad
Are just the ebb and flow
Of the life that we have had
High or low what are the reasons
It is just the passing of the seasons

March 9, 2006

The Truth

The truth is just the truth
It is the same forever
In our old age and our youth
True is true bad or better
Find the truth or try
Tell the truth even if you die
Perhaps dying is the beginning
Not the last and final inning
A single moment will be the score
Adding up a life there is this
And nothing more

March 8, 2006


Friends make the days seem warmer
Though the winter clings not be former
But to be present still
Waking us with its cold chill
Causing teeth to chatter
But still it doesn't matter
When we warmly gather
Sharing creature comforts, time,
Laughter, food and fine wine
We wait for winter to disappear
Happily because it's warm in here

March 5, 2006


Wake up

The alarm sounds and it's time to rise
Another day awaits our weary eyes
Wander to work and to little surprise
As we set out to do it all once again
The bell rings and it's time to depart
Packing and walking to homeward we start
To the comfort and care that's good for the heart
We have run the race to the end
For love,or a son or daughter or friend
Each of us wakes up and takes on the course
It is part of it all as we feel our life force
Wake up and look for a chance to be giving
For such is the reason why we're all living

March 3, 2006

Rise Up

What great things can come from hard times
Those who find life lifting them to low places
Where they have to make a stand to survive
See what seemed a disaster caused bell chimes
And tears turned to smiles on the very faces
Of those who questioned if they should be alive
A prisoner forsaken and left alone
Then freed and taken returned home
Slammed. Lifted. Found. Drifted. Fell. Trod.
Rise up and look up and look out and look in
Life goes better with God again and again

March 1, 2006

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