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Flash Poety  September 2007

Flash Poems

Little ones not so little anymore

Little ones not so little anymore
Age and time are tolling
Knocking on each door
Page and rhyme are rolling
Rocking ever more
Minds meander
Imaginary surreal sandy shore
Wondering at the wonders
Why'd we come here? For
The chance to make a difference
How ever great or small
To seek out a deliverance
To share love one and all
We have taught each other
We are here to discover
What it means to adore
Little ones, not so little anymore
Sept. 24, 2007

Anjali stretches

Kayden in the Cooler

Sariah's Pink Hat

On Their Own

Looking out and looking in
Little lives do begin
Totally dependent
On the kindness of others
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers
Let it be resplendent
It begins in body temple
So soulful and so simple
A mother's haven home
Their thriving and survival
Long before their arrival
Is sometimes on their own
The species carries on
And is some how not gone
Child woman and man
Carry on because they can
Every baby girl and boy
Deserves love and joy

A chance to be full grown
To then be on their own
Sept. 20 2007


Little Faces

Little faces call us out
Saying rise up and preserve us
Little mouths give a shout
Saying show that you deserve us
And show us with conviction
You asked us here after all
We came with no restriction
It was you that placed the call
A kind heart is a must
As it swells with love to filling
Little eyes that lift in trust
Tired, weary yet still willing
Just be there with love in time of need
With prayers for strength they'll succeed
In seeing the sparkle in each star
Knowing the wonder of who they are
Put past pain past as peace replaces
It with love for all these little faces
Sept. 14, 2007

The Wonder of It All

The wonder of it all leaves me speechless
I listen to the rain fall can I teach this
Heart to feel again like a newborn child
Stunned by the moments free and wild
And hear the silence singing its sweet song
There is a space in between these rain drops
A little unwritten between every line
Ferns frolic, still only when the rain stops
Calm centered I am closer to fine
I am grand father twilight
Walking out with purpose
Basking in the sunset light
It's beauty may I serve this
Grateful for each new install
And the total wonder of it all

Sept. 15 2007

Good Day

Sunshine beach rocks waves
These are the good old days
Every day is when you think
A smile the food the drink
Emotions wind up and release
Quiet thoughts and inner peace
A soft word of encouragement
A gift of love such well spent
Comes back to touch your heart
You think that it was smart
To take time to say what you feel
Pour out the love strong and real
Relax and lay back with a shrug
It was a good day let's have a hug
Sept. 10, 2007


Celebrate the time you have here
Rejoice in your birth and have cheer
Soak up the warmth of the love near
And take every thing into your heart

Moments that fit like a tailored glove
A day to be wrapped and unwrapped in love
To share the dreams that you're dreaming of
And if you want make a brand new start

In our hearts there is love true
You must know that we are here for you
If there is anything that we can do
We will put forth the effort with art

So just have your happy day
We love you what more can I say
Happy happy happy birthday
May it be one that's off the chart
For Faith
Sept. 9, 2007

Summer Simmers

Summer simmers
Hope Glimmers
More swimmers
Wood slivers
Love givers
Cold shivers
Summer's undone us
Autumn's upon us
Winter's cold
Has gotten old
I bend upon my knees
Praying for more summer please

September 6, 1007


So many places so little time
So many memories to make mine
So many places to go, be and see
So many faces of beloved family
Red rocks and deserts profound
Pink moment sunsets astound
The color of water that's clear
The feeling it's good to be hear
The notion that motion is do or bust
Escape from commotion and be thrust
Into somewhere that's fresh and new
No cares anywhere that I am with you
September 7, 2007


Droopy Eyes

I am focused I am clear
Wide awake and present here
These fuzzy thoughts are illusion
This need for sleep a rude intrusion
The weather winds up wet and soupy
My eyes roll round thick and droopy
Has my energy hit the skids
I wait with weighted lids
For my energy to return
Nodding I know that it's a burn
As I claim my power for to keep
My body revolts in need of sleep
A pillow and a blanket for to keep
Me cuddled safe and oh so warm
A nap and then the world by storm
September 4, 1007


Moments are the building blocks of day the poet said
Living in the moment while we are alive not living dead
Letting go of what is lost and what will never ever be
Is one key to happiness and to being truly free
He had a good day, we had a good day, we had a good stay
We made our own way, we shared a good bay, we could all say
Many things but all that being said
Words are still a way for you to see
What it means to me
To be loving you today

To be loving you today

September 3, 1007


Flash Poems


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