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Flash Poety  January 2007

Flash Poems


If we are alive we are changing
If we fall into stillness we stagnate
From beautiful soul to strange-ling
All our efforts we negate
Live and move, move and shake
Try to give more than we take
Sleep sometimes but stay awake
This is it
This is the moment
The moment is what we are given
So live your life
While there is life for living

February 22, 2007

Love Day

Today is the day of flowers
Remembering to say I love you
Reveling in romantic hours
Give and show and be say true
Ever are we intertwined
Kiss me and be valentined
Let the music play
Let the lights go down
I love you yet another day
Feeling free in love found
Valentine's day is here
With you every day of the year

February 14, 2007

Poems from January 2007

Time Flying

How is it that time can stand still
And fly by in a constant blur
How is it we can fight our own will
And live like death won't occur
I sit and seek the strength to stand
Unlock my heart and reach out my hand
To this wonderful soul who loves me
In shining light direct from the source
She steadies me and holds my course
Through any kind of storm we weather
Let time fly as long as we fly together

February 10, 2007


I am going for a drive in Israel
The sites I'd see and tales I'd tell
But alas it isn't me but my music
Still how fine a thing is that to speak
Humbled by the lending of an ear
The music of my many friends
Enriches and it heals and mends
Winding round the many bends
On the road that leads to here
For here is all we have to be
In a moment for eternity
Caught in the quiet you and me
In a time that never ends

February 1, 2007


Sniffles are a trifle stifling
When it comes to breathing that is
Loss of air can be a bit frightening
And tend to keep you tied to a chair
No marathon today though today is fair
Time to sit and seek enlightening
As Buddha bid the light and sat his
Own self down released of rifling
Through his thoughts for fodder
Life is clearer and at times odder
Love laughing, smiling, get the giggles
But with this cold I got the sniggles

bahdy ohm pomp tchee
January 27, 2007


The Show

Mach show they said and so we did
We made a show blew off the lid
No holds barred in the bar
Maybe we pushed a bit too far
But I really can't remember
I know my aim was true
Although my site may have been short
After the arrows flew
I wasn't around to hear the retort
January through December
Just ever onward no looking back
Now I'm stuck and in defense
Even though it doesn't make much sense
I walk this track
Looking down no eye to eye
Breathing out and in
Trying hard to stay alive
Not to lose but win
As the days come and go
I hope it's not just for show
January 25, 2007

Where do we go

Where do we go from here
When stuck is unstuck
Will a new way appear
So long silent
In regard to dreams
No more defiant
Sorry schemes
Only a wounded heart
Troubled once again
By memories of aftermath
And damage that remained
From the full speed ahead
Caution to the wind
Slow down I say and said
Halt and heed your hearing
Take time out for a friend
And live while there is living
Until we reach the clearing
At the end of the path
Now is the time for giving

January 22, 2007


Sailing slow no need to row
On we go with the tide
Let past be past
Some things don't last
Like lots we've cast
That reeled us for a ride
Like when two minds meet
Clearly caught indiscreet
Stumble out into the street
Then two souls collide
Looking down to take a token
Love is leaving hearts broken
Words that were never spoken
Lost when just implied
The world is moving shifting
I am only dreaming drifting

January 19, 2007


Quiet Hum

The stillness of the morning calls
To creating, contemplating, anticipating
That which rises also falls
The landing may be easy or may be hard
All circumstances mitigating
Leave us whole or leave us scarred
This is far from summer squalls
This cold and ice exasperating
I will wrap in warmth in that regard
I get my guitar and I strum
Then listen to the quiet hum
While writing songs I will
Listen to this still
Listen to this still

January 12, 2007


Winter Wonder

I can't feel my toes
There is ice inside my nose
No naked skin expose
To the icy wind out there

I heard a car go by
I am not inclined to try
I like it warm and dry
I shall keep my easy chair

From a place that's warm and sunny
To a place that's cold and runny
Weather wheels us all asunder
Resplendent winter wonder
For many not so funny

Still when we can turn the power on
And warm ourselves with shower on
Then weather worries now are gone
I say let them just stay there

January 11, 2007

These Times

Awake, awake I say
Sleeping giant on your way
Wings of dreams fly us
Far off from Machias
Whither not in obscurity
Blessed music's purity
Is meant for being shared
It has always been for those who dared
Put it all to rhythms and to rhymes
Celebrate the good and bad
In these weary times

January 9th, 2007



Crying in shadows
Moon is full
Winter chill has teeth

January 1, 2007

Time is Passing

Time is passing can't you feel it
It's like a grape you should peel it
We all are aging can't conceal it
For time will take its toll
Life is like a song so dance it
Dreams the dreams you dare and chance it
When you find your heart's desire romance it
Time's no iron rice bowl
Time's rich and poor, fat and lean
Mostly it's just passing by unseen

January 15, 2007


Flash Poems


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