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Flash Poety  July 2004

Flash Poems

All poems were written by Greg Murat ©2003, 2004, 2005

Los Cabos

Waves crash with a
Thunderous roar and
Struggle for dominion
Over of the Lava Rock Shore.
Hot sun burns the brow
We were never so alive
As we are right now
Dazed by the sun
In a dizzying dance
That is real and yet
Tequila enhanced.
Another story laced with
Good times and good friends
Another vacation
That starts off too slowly
Then too quickly ends
We'll return to the routine
And to the indenture.
Where we'll mark the date
And plan our escape:
To our next adventure.
And we will remember
Not to forget
Fickels and fun and
The Los Cabos Bonito
Magnifico Sunset.

July 27, 2004

How do you top this?

How do you top this?
I heard my friend Clay
Say to his wife, Sharon
With the sea so deeply vast
And these rocks so richly barren
What could be a better day?
A moonlight summer kiss
Or a walk beside the waves
When everything you
Hoped for stops and stays
A night spent making love:
Storm rainforest bliss
On the Island Free From Care
The many memories we share
Are treasures I still dream of
Like when I wrote our names
In the Chicago air
One frozen winter morning
With sunshine and
Fresh snow adorning
The streets below the stair
I thank God every day
I awake to find you there
My lover's song resounds
When I hear the sounds
Of your voice or your name
How do I top this?
Everyday is better
And never twice the same.

July 30,2004
For Sharon & Clay


Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil
We shall share
The face Of serenity,
The Timeless lace
Of infinity and travel
Through Quickened
Quantum Foam
Free from boundaries
To Heaven's Home.
Where we were once
Upon a time
We will be
And Celestial.
We will fly freely forever
Unfettered by identity
Though I will forever be
A part of you as you
Will be a part of me

July 20,2004

At Home

I dream day dreams
Of beach scenes
Here amid these evergreens
In this weather worn dwelling
With so many tales
For the telling.
Tales both good and bad
Songs of Freedom
And songs so sad
Sorrow hangs
From the eaves
Songs so glad that laughter
Leaves a lightness in the air
Love's warm glow is always
Softly burning there.

July 21,2004

 The Difference

One stands and one falls.
One fears and one calls
Upon a higher hope.
One takes the line
And tows the rope.
One searches for
A truer truth
One lingers lost
In endless youth
One fumble flounders
For an alibi
One lands face first
But doesn't lie
Wipes the dirt away
And sets out to face
A brand new day.
And hopes, when hoping
Makes no sense
And that's what makes
The difference.

July 17


What makes a heart
Feel for others?
If one can't
Feel empathy or
For forgotten souls,
Feel sympathy,
What is missing?
When all focus is on
One's self
There is a hollowness
Not eased by wealth.
Alone. All alone
In the midst of Brothers
In a place
Where no style,
No worldly fashion
Appears as beautiful
As one who
Wears the face
That's graced
By kindness
And compassion.

July 19, 2004

My Love

My love is a child of water.
She is a lover of the sun.
She's her father's only daughter.
My whole life,
I've, dreaming, sought her.
Now I look into her eyes
Knowing she's the one.
She's the peace
In this crazy life.
I see a way for love to last.
I'll show I'm blessed
That she's my wife
Side by side
Neither knight nor fife
Equal in our love
Present, Future, Past.

July 13, 2004



What waits on the morrow
Only time and time
Alone will tell
Be it joy or be it sorrow
All in all, all is well.
No worries, so they say,
One breathe and then another
No hurries, as we discover
That life is but a fleeting thing
Sad if death alone
Were our only destiny.
Glad for He who did atone
For when we die,
C'est ne pas finis.

July 15, 2004

Where' the Fire?

Arise and make haste
There is so much to do
On this day off.
Surprise! It's not waste,
Take time, it's up to you.
Forget those who scoff
At taking time to nourish
Your one and only spirit
Feed your soul to flourish
Peace is silent.
So be still and
You will hear it.

July 10, 2004


Riches there are
Waiting on the mountain
Calling out your name
Gold flowing like a fountain.
But all the riches
There that be
Don't seem to call for me
For I have wandered on the moor
And seen God's face
In the eyes of the poor
Who do not wear
The face of shame
There is a kind of grace I see
And rich we are in family
I would not trade
My family

July 12, 200

The Singer

She sang a song
Of Shadow Lands
Where multicolored mirrors hang
Like windows on the rocks so grand
She sought not rhyme
In songs she sang.
The meaning of the message
Was her quest.
And if it's clear to those who hear
Then she 's passed the test

July 7.2004

Before Sleeping

Let not night fall
Upon this day
When your fence is
Want for mending.
Don't rest with debt
You've yet to pay
If sorry, then so sorry say.
Pray not sleep
With problems pending.
Meekly seek a happy ending
With less taken
And more given.
You may be blessed
Before you rest
You may even be forgiven

July 9.2004

Beach Calling

My lady dreams
Of summer sun
That lasts
Most all year long.
She'd leave this place
With no regrets
Or safety nets,
With just a prayer
And a song.
A smile upon her face,
With no fear it seems
She'd fly fast
To find her dreams:
Warm wind
Warm water fun.

July 4,2004

Watch the Waves

Did you see that?
It was a possibility.
Far too many times
The sight's been
Lost on me.
I look down at shells
On shifting sand
Lost in looking at the land
I miss the rolling sea
And the waves
That could carry me
In child like delight
If I'd just jump in
With sheepish grin
And swim
With all my might

July 6,2004

Carry On

The walls were closing in,
You were like a cause
That's lost.
How could you
Begin again?
To rise and to be tossed
Back down
Seemed pointless
To your mind.
Then, when you least expected,
Hope called out to you
And carried you to find
Your dreams
Are strong as ever.
They were only biding time.
So watch as the sun rises
Then sets upon the sea
Ever keep on dreaming
See all that you can see and
Breath deep the life
You're given and
Give it back in song and
No matter what comes
Around the corner
Carry on
Carry on
Carry on

July 2,2004

Single Handed

Rainfall and
Gun thunder claps
Punctuate this morning.
Warm form snuggles in and
Sleeps upon my lap. So
I sit set out
To do the tasks I planned.
But while tender sleeping
Treasure lies,
I must work
With just one hand

July 3,2004

Look up, Look In

The sky is falling
On you my son
Or is Freedom calling?
When day is done,
Life seems taking,
Heart seams breaking.
Where do you go
From Here?
The things I see
In front of me:
The Treasures lost
A Measure's cost
No sign to show
Which way is clear
With humbled heart
And clearer eyes
A brand new start
A bit more wise
A time to begin again
Is what I see.
Look up, look in
And there I'll be

June 30,2004

Barefoot Dreams

These bare feet
Need the beach.
I can't tell you why.
Just take my hand
And walk with me
Beneath this
Sun drenched sky.
Let's look into
Each other's eyes
And watch while
Time stands still
These dreams, here
Within our reach
Sea them through
We will.
Love lasts forever
Like this sand
Tho' Battered by
Both wind and wave
If you will just
Take my hand
We'll spend together
This time we've saved.
Unlike life, love is timeless.
Love is grand
Walk with me
In barefoot dreams
Just because we can
Walk with me
In barefoot dreams
Then you'll understand

July 1,2004

Why continue?

Is it madness or melody
That keeps me singing?
Is there thunder in the air
Or is it bells that I hear ringing?
I'd have fallen off a thousand cliffs
And crashed upon the ground
Were it not for the angels and the sound
Of making music and playing riffs.
It is hope I hear so clear to me
That God, in songs,
Keeps bringing.

June 28-2004

Seize Sea's Serenity

Pressure from within
Cool sea breeze
Carries cares away.
Chords and discords
It's not just another day
It is the day
V-day, D-day
It's Today
Tomorrow is along time.
Time's passing is sublime.
Sand and sea bring a grin
To this weathered
Warrior's face
Feet dragging
Sea shells flying
Soul sagging
Lost in trying
I must slow down this pace
I must slow this pace
We learn as we teach
We walk along this beach
Till serenity comes again
Sea's Serenity come again
Please Serenity come again

June 29,2004

Flash Poems


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