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Flash Poety  December 2004

Flash Poems


Morning Meandering

Music. Love. Love. Music.
Time, Eternity,Time, Paternity.
A time for strong, a time for sick
A time for joy. A time for sorrow
A time to repay what we borrow
Time off comes none too quick
Make a point. Make it stick.
In and out, the day to day
Trying hard to find a way
To make more love and music

December 29, 2004

This Dream

Bubbles bursting into the steam
We sit is silence as if in some dream
Weights give way to peace we've found
As we gaze out on the Puget Sound
It is quiet and it's scenic here
Olympic view ends this long year
Worries seem to disappear
That happens in moments whenever
We bask in quiet, alone together
If this could be forever
I would just stay right here
No more worries to redeem
In love, lost and found, you and I
Here in this dream

December 26, 2004

With Children

The beginning and the end
Is what comes marching in
With Children
So much that's fresh
Oh, such new starts
Young ones step upon your time
Teen ones step upon your hearts
Broken hearts beam sublime
Lost to the eyes of loving viewers
Oblivious to the damage doers
Till they come of age
With the wisdom of a sage
There is naught to do that would assuage
This time and rite of passage
You are bound to cry and grin
With children

December 28,2004


Old Friends

The paths we walk in life lead to roads both low and high
The time we take to talk and share joy and sorrow gets us by
There is something far more precious than a diamond that glistens
It is a friend who, when he makes the time, stops and really listens
In a world where we all seek every thing that is shiny and that is new
It is the season tested tired old friends who are precious and are few
As the number of our days wind down to the end of all we do
I am your friend forever and I thank heaven every day for you
Old friend

December 24, 2004

No Thought Thinking

Thoughts are still
There is nothing here
I will my will
To make feeling appear
But I sit silently dumb
Happy thoughts just out of reach
Cabo San Lucas, Clearwater beach
I feel nothing but numb
Laughing with friends
Is a memory
Where the road ends
Calling to me
Though I am weary with care
If you reach out, I will be there

December 22, 2004


Reach forth and stretch your wings
Unfold from within and share
Blessed is the one who sings
And shows the world we care
Be strong in your weakness
And humble in your hour
Blessed is the meekness
Before a Higher Power
When the mountains fall down
Do not lose faith or succumb
For the world keeps spinning round
Shine your light and blossom
Shine your light and blossom

December 20, 2004

It's All Good

The past is past as pass it should
But it hovers near in mindful mist
Our broken hearts, the ones we've kissed
Sad or glad, it's all good
Yesterday has been and gone
We'd best reflect and learn from it
It is always best to continue on
Minute by minute breath by breath
Life is hard but who wants death
So pay attention, life is such a little while
Give when and where you can for in giving you will smile

December 16, 2004


Walking down this empty road
Looking back over my shoulder
Feeling young and feeling old
Feeling the things that I have told her

The hope of many more tomorrows
And a new chance for a sense of joy
To sail away from all these sorrows
In a lover's dance, one girl, one boy

To take a little time for talking
A little time to hesitate from hurry
Take some time for listening and walking
Make more time for peace and less for worry

December 15, 2004

The Battle

The voices gathered to plan their assault
From a conference room inside my head
To cold cock confidence and find fault
And dredge dire senses of doom and dread
My attitude attests their success
As I stare upward from this well
In my mind I am such a mess
And all in all not doing well
My guarding angel returns to home
For a time out and a glory bask
Bleary eyed, scratching his dome
Says I may not be up to this task
Don't be discouraged, you are doing fine
God said The battle is all there in his mind
Tell the troops to cease and desist
If you need help I will assist
Teach him Love really is kind
When the devils do their tug
Reach out and give him a hug
To my glory we yet will see him shine
Tell him that his soul has worth
He is one of many reasons my Son came to earth
My Spirit will give him strength to cope
And in my Son he'll find finally find his hope

December 15, 2004

Christmas Blues

It is a merry time, this holiday but
My countenance is shades of gray
I feel I want to walk away
And just be somewhere else

But if you travel near or far
Wherever you go, there you are
In a holy church or in a crowded bar
You end up with yourself

Perhaps it's time to do some shopping
These Christmas blues just aren't stopping
If I were so inclined I'd go bar hoping
Perched on a pity shelf

But that never solved a single thing
Or ended troubles that blues bring
Perhaps I'll release them if I sing
That peace would be my wealth:
To make peace with yourself

December 13, 2004

Kick Start

Hum, what will I do today
After all it is Saturday
Perhaps I'll lounge the day away
Andie's off to shop and work
Once quiet kitties now go bezerk
I look at all of this finery
The lights upon the Christmas tree
And think about my destiny
Am I a Frenchman or a Turk
Tapping sound of keyboard hands
I am not big on making plans
I'm not fond of divinity or toffee
But I'd best kick start my day
And set out for something to say
With a cup of coffee.

December 11, 2004


I know how I feel
At least I feel what I feel
It's not that I would conceal
These feelings, it's just they're undescribed
By words, I am not sure they can be transcribed
There is no joy in all this commotion
Yet I am left with all this emotion
In which I have imbibed
Though I walk steady
I'm not on an even keel
Where are the words
To tell you how I feel

December 12, 2004


What about all those Reindeer?
What about the fat man in the funny suit?
We hoist a glass and say good cheer
Trading presents plenty, both serious and cute
It is all about giving all that's in our reach
It is all about forgiving , I guess I failed to teach
Some lessons of the heart I take for granted
Some traits I would embrace escape me
I hope there are some helpful seeds I've planted
I'm no super man so do not cape me
It is the pad of kitty feet upon the roof I hear
I'll pass up on the chestnuts. Pass the red my dear.

December 10 2004

Peace On Earth

The dove coos a song of peace
The news makes you wonder
When will this violence cease
Bullies beat and bandits plunder
Family plans for family fun
And the comfort of these holidays
Are dashed by crimes of hit and run
Consequence, like a ghost that stays
Floats phantom like and is not paid
Some are cold and some are warm
For some peace is not delayed while
Some stand naked to the storm
The hope of Christ in homeless eyes
Is like a like a wind that's warm and mild that
Tells the tale.  Who is foolish? Who is wise?
Heaven's home to those who hope just like a child.
In this time of the Virgin birth
Let there finally be peace on Earth.

December 9. 2004

All's Well

All's well that ends well
That is a story I hope to tell
When this time of living's through
When there is nothing left to do
And I discard this place in which I dwell

When my spirit's soaring free
I'll see the universe in front of me
And play pin ball with the stars
Long forgotten earthly scars
Will be mended by God's mercy

In keen vagueness I'll recall
What seemed big was oh so small
I'll rest when my resting time has come
Heaven bound when my time is done
It will be well, I can tell at the end of it all

December 8,2004

The Chill

The icy wind ignored my coat
Breathed its breath upon my throat
Steadfast, strong and forward fellow
I faced the wind with my umbrella
Parting path through wind and rain
Long lost the man who was more sane
I walk in waking slumber
Pain in aching back encumbers
My forward progress
Keep on, less I regress
I would that I could right so many wrongs
I work away today, but in my heart I am writing songs.
In my heart I am writing songs.

December 6, 2004

Fata Morgana

Everything is fine
There is nothing on my mind
Nothing on my brain
Except the racing of this train
I hear the eerie blast
Of the horn that hails the past
Some long forgotten sackage
A compacted contained package
Ghosts in the machine
Phantoms in my dreams
Turning back the pages
To silent sleeping rage
That's far from serenades
Far from quiet leafy glades
To guns and hand grenades
Napalm blasted trees
Toting guns and wearying beads
I walk and play undaunted
Though still deeply haunted
I pendulate from torment
To the peace I feel
Wipe away the mist
And wonder which is real.

December 4, 2004

It is the Season

It is the season to by jolly
Holidays are so much folly
I wish I could away
On a kite or a balloon
To Jamaica or Cancun
In the sunshine I would stay
I'd hang some lights on a coconut tree
Sing Reggae carols by the sea
Forget all of this melancholy
It is the season to be jolly

December 5, 2004

Flash Poems


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