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Flash Poety  December 2005
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Snowy walkway winter in the country

Big Bird talking

Big Bird talking
Frog counting by tens
Baby greets the day again

Heart pinned neatly to my sleeve
Savored moments no time to grieve
Though grieving time will come

Went out walking
Looking through a lens
Baby knows not what we call sins

Searching for my soul's reprieve
Recalling costs of loves I'd leave
Basking in this new life just begun
On Sesame Street walking in the sun
December 30, 2005

The Road Not Taken

Slipping and sliding into a well
Thoughts of sharing forsaken
Too much emotion to process & tell
So much for the road not taken
Come out, come out from under this spell
Running and racing so as to awaken
Keep it inside, no more ringing the bell
I thought, I had found release
I was mistaken
Sore emotions for me to quell
It's high time that I cease
No more to listen
To all of my railings
Towards the ones I love
Our successes and failings
What was I thinking of
I'm done
Soft sigh
The end has begun
In the wink of an eye
Slow breath
Last request
December 28, 2005

Year's End

Squeaking creaking the year is ending
At lease it isn't going out on a wave
Cracking bending hope ascending
In the land of the free and brave
Vague ethereal notions
Road side explosions
Is there some magic potions
We could conjure to end the war
The age old adage comes to play
What are we fighting for
Is the war here to stay
What will be the outcome in the coming sun
When the madman is gone another one will run
Squeaking creaking the year is ending
Let the light be light and darkness stop pretending
December 26, 2005

'Twas The Night Before

'Twas the night before
The night before Christmas
And out in the yard
The wind was blowing
The rain real hard
Mom and I were sleeping sound in our bed
Someone somewhere was head to head
Or head to tail who knows
Merry Christmas again and so it goes
There is a word for such rapport
For such an emotionless kiss
And it seems to come down to this
There's so much I am not knowing
The rest I am not saying
It hasn't done much good praying
I would ask why me although
Karmically speaking, I already know
the night before
The night before Christmas

December 24, 2005

This is it

Happy feet and happy teeth
All of this I bequeath
To those who come behind
All that I could hope to teach
All that was just out of reach
More is what I hope you find
A sunny trip to the Isle of Greece
A simple heart and inner peace
And love that's good to you
I just can't seem to hob knob
I need to find another job
And spill this witch's brew

If you can't change your circumstance
May we still find a way to laugh and dance
December 20, 2005

Up To Us

What is today? A move forward or backward
What approach shall we take?
To make the most of the new break
Of dawn on the earth we call home
Take stock and see if we are on track toward
The goals we put in place
With a smile upon our face
From the top of dream's dome
When hope was a way of life
When we'd hardly been nicked by the knife
Love can be
We are free
To chose the road we travel
If our lives bind or unravel
It is really up to us
So why all the fuss?
December 18, 2005

Look Forward

We can never go back so they say
Although what is behind us comes to view
We can only go forward from this day
Be all that you can be do all that you can
In the end the whole thing comes down to you
As it comes down to me for what I choose
Look behind you will see twenty twenty
Times you thought you were poor but had plenty
Days are all we are given one by one by one
Let's live our lives full before we're done
Live like it's your last, every single day
We can never go back so they say

We can only go forward from this day
December 13, 2005

Tab Please

Old house creaks and softly groans
Like a tired old man who has kidney stones
Who sometimes wishes he was down to bones
Spirit free singing in mystic tones
Would that not be a blast

The agony of ongoing burning
The lonely heart lost in yearning
So aware of the world slowly turning
Too delirious for discerning
The present from the past

Old words ring loud and true
Pay the piper your tab is due
So many things we misconstrue
Forgotten knowledge that we knew
All in the dice we cast

There are forbidden dreams on which we bet
The reaper says you pay for what you get
We grasped those things which were not ours to seize
We'll face the music and we'll say "Tab please."
December 12, 2005

Life Soup

Emotional stew is what life is
Sometimes it's a pop without the fizz
Sometimes it's a banana split
With nuts and whipped cream all over it
Sometimes it's a walk in the park
Sometimes it's a dance in the dark
It is all that life is that can mesh us
More than anything else it is precious
We can plan or let go and see where it takes us
In the end it's the love in our hearts that makes us
All that we were meant to be
In loving each other we set our souls free
That's what I'm thinking, that is my scoop
We are all just a part of one big life soup

December 10, 2005

Holiday Trees

Imagine what we forget to remember
Collect your thoughts and head off to December
Where the trees on the lot are called holidays
Where we can't say Jesus or the part that he plays
But we can be still and strong in hearts
We can forgive and forget and make brand new starts
We can picture the world as a better place
And face what we face with a smile on our face
Be thankful we have food on which to dine
And work at our jobs until we recline
At the end of the day and look inside
And ask if it's real or just a sham
Keep love alive in heart I say that I am
Let the light shine on all that we hide
This season with so much to please us
Is a season that's all about Jesus
No matter how much denied
I shutter as I feel the winter breeze
You know where they can put their holiday trees
December 9, 2005

Day of Infamy

December 7th the day that lives in infamy
Every single year those words come back to me
It was not unlike another sunny day
When aerial attacks came our way
Surprised souls crossed over to the other side
I wonder was their passing marred by life denied
I wonder will I be ready when it comes my time
Or will I wonder between worlds in search of a rhyme
Restless resting beneath some Asian Arbor
Like lost souls snatched from life sleeping in Pearl Harbor
Sometimes I wonder what was God thinking
When he made the minds of men
All these wars, plots, power struggle drinking
Go round and round and round and round again
Perhaps there is a blaze to settle up the bill
I guess our responsibility lies in our free will
I have come to believe that this much is true
Blameless are not the ones who stand still
Idly watching all the evil other people do
December 7, 2005

Growing up

Up and at 'em off we soar
Another week to work some more
Watch the baby as he grows
See his mama growing too
If there is knowing and it shows
I am not sure what I should do
To help the process
I must confess
That this is not my favorite part
Letting go is a kind of timeless art
Step aside for heaven's sake
We must each make our mistakes
One by one by one
We hope for balance
When all is said and done
Good and bad, happy and sad
All pour into one cup
Mixed and mingled in advance
To what we call growing up

December 5, 2005


Fitness feels like living more
Working out is maintenance
Toning building sculpting for
The reason that it just makes sense
Thoughts of exercise can bore us
Christy Brinkly and Chuck Norris
Sell us on a TV show
A gym that comes ready to go
If we buy it on a fitness whim
And use it will we look like them
We watch each enthusiastic witness
Totally work out for their fitness
Afterwards I feel inspired
I'd order one but I'm too tired
December 4, 2005

Snowy Morning Sofa Sitting

The snow falls and falls and recalls
Younger days haze and Christmas plays
Sleeping baby on the sofa seems
Content to frolic in his dreams
He is fascinated as the snow falls
I am captivated by his somber gaze
His joyous smile absolutely gleams

In this season of holly jollies
Take a taste, pass the tamales
December 3, 2005

Snow Bound

Snow flakes flicked at the morning air
Frosty glaze coats the front deck
Grateful for this comforter and chair

Icy streets that can cause a wreck
Are less than beckoning
Sitting on my own cold feet
I find that I am reckoning
There's no place like home so sweet

I stop in time lest I refuse
To listen to my music muse
I'll remain indoors and count the cost
Of avoiding wondrous wintery frost
And call it paying dues
While playing Snow Bound Blues
December 2, 2005


Holiday Spirit

Christmas tree lights brighten the evening
As we drive through the countryside
It is a time for staying and a time for leaving
A time when the holiday spirit arrives
And brings with it the caring and lifting of hearts
For merry making evenings and brand new starts
A time to remember and a time to forget
And a time of hope for what we've not seen yet
It is the holiday spirit that never quite ends
It lives day to day in our families and friends
Caring and sharing and having some fun
God bless us now each and everyone

December 1, 2005

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