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Flash Poety  February 2006

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Gads of Gray

Gads of gray go floating by
Forever weather gloating sigh
Seems to say the gray draped sky
But somewhere the sunshine's high
Would that we were where it gleams
On beach with wave washed walking dreams
Kissing long and sweet where the silence seems
To best the gray, chase it away with sunshine beams
Forever to draw you close to me
Get gone gray the best is yet to be
Heaven knows I am no prize
But I have my heaven in your eyes
February 22. 2006


Stay Awake

Sleep slyly shyly hides
The sand man spills
His slumber crumbs
Nearby the torment of two worlds
Torn between the waking and sleeping
Not to miss a minute's taking
Seeing hearing sounds
Absorbing the world
Drinking in life
Drinking in life
Stay awake
Fan the fire
Don't sleep
Don't tire
There is no time
Like today
February 20. 2006

Road Side

Road side again and waiting
Broad sided spinning grating
Simple hearts love's our mansion
Trying trailing towards expansion
Dropped off to the side again
Dust off don't droop
Do it 'til we win
True tale sweet scoop
Reach into the bin
Heaven help us let it be
As we strive to make a family
Sweet scent rainbow hue
Color's calling
Free falling
I am blue?

February 19, 2006

With You

The chill is coming
I heard it on the news
Homeless people are humming the blues
The drummer is drumming
Here inside my head
I am thankful for the heat
I heard you when you said
Watch that the pipes don't freeze
I hunkered down and hooked up a light
Because I aim to please
And now I lay me down to sleep
And rest this weary frame
I hold you and the warmth to keep
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
I love you just the same
Give me joy or sorrow
As long as I'm with you
I will stay warm most every night
As for us the cold will ensue
February 15, 2006

My Valentine

Sweet chocolate and fine wine
Candle light and a romantic tune
Be my love and my valentine
Walk with me beneath the moon
And all that life can put us through
We'll burst with joy or fall down
I will make it if it's with you
And watch as the world goes round
You are my love both tried and true
My Valentine
February 14, 2006


Why Are Things This Way

Why are things this way
When so may people refuse
To be unkind and don't hold sway
To what we hear on the news
The wayward wanderer's confession
Take's too many lines
Goodness gets precious little procession
Yet it is goodness that defines
Progress in human race
Cruelty can cut away what's true
We are all bound to share this space
Me and you and you and you
I still believe that love is kind
So we set out to make it real
Kind in mind is far from blind
With this honest appeal
Let's make it better as of today
And we'll know why things are this way
February 13, 2006

All for You

I told you when i first held you
I will take care of you
Too this day and even more
Those words are truly true
Just what is the loving for
If not for a child
Patient, tried, true and mild
I will love you all my days
And when I am only a flicker in the night
I will look toward heaven and call down the light
To light your every step and catch you when you fall
I have given you my heart and I have given all
All for you
February 9, 2006


Lost Inspiration

Rowdy moods strike us all
Crazy fun big or small
Cranky kids at the mall
All a part of the deal

Words elude escape
Invisible man in a cape
Thoughts slowly take shape
But don't have much appeal

Maybe I just need a hug
I watch Kayden search the rug
For lost treasure or a bug
And he does so with great zeal

Something different coming next
Tired of tinkering with text
Caught in creative constipation
Looking for lost inspiration

February 7, 2006



Little eyes see so deep
Raise my soul to higher ground
Wake me from a dreamer's sleep
Wrap me in love all around
Take me far away from zero
Lift my soul to high horizon
Make me strong hail the hero
Father figure I'll try that size on
Powerful as a medicine man
Humble as a lost soul
I will teach you to say I can
And love you with a heart that's whole
Thank God every day through love tender tears
Father to father forever and every through the years
Times both easy and times so hard
I will wrap you in love and then stand guard
Thankful for your lovely face
Blessed by the Father's grace
Be cup empty or be cup full
For this life I am so thankful

So thankful. So Thankful.
February 2, 2006

Say yes to life

Say yes to life and see how it goes
We have seen what we get with all the no's
Find hope in your heart when all hope it gone
Reach into the stillness and carry on
Be the watcher who watches the pain
Circle around the emotion from a higher plane
Not higher really but deeper within
The kingdom of heaven is beckoning
When it all seems too hard because of the strife
Try letting go and then say yes to life

February 1, 2006

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