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Flash Poety  August 2005

Flash Poems

Fall Forward   

The leaves are falling
Summer's gone
The ground's crunchy
Slow down the winter's coming
Give us something to remember
Warm, serene, sweet September
Fall back the winter we head toward
Summer falls down and we fall forward

August 31, 2005


The Water's High

Where's the car?
It is under water
Raging winds brought
Building's slaughter
Flooding's fury
Wave after wave falls
Judge and jury
To crashing walls
Devastation dines
Determination wines
Policeman goads
As hope draws nigh
"Clear the roads
The water's high."

August 30,2005

I Saw The Moon

I saw the moon
In the wee hours
Before dawn
No twilight twinkle
In the night
A crescent sliver
Soft moon light
We watched
For stars to fall
But slumber called us
All to soon
Forsaking moon light flowers
Concurring with a yawn
Sand man sprinkles
Sleep and sings a tune
Sleep now
Surely you truly say
I saw the moon
August 28, 2005

I Have Waking Slept

I have waking slept and have slept waking
I have sought your sweet kiss and until this
I thought love was only for the taking

Now I see in giving love I find this
When selfishness is shunned eyes clearly see
That love is the great teacher of kindness

Love is a raging wind in all its need
It is a school for the wise and the fool
It can heal hearts or cause a soul to bleed

I had dreamed you long before you were here
I was one in slumber wakened shaking
I reached out with my soul to draw you near
Passing the past pausing then forsaking
I have waking slept and have slept waking

And when I did I dreamed of you
August 27, ,2005


Blessed be the tie that binds
Unblessed are we when it unwinds
Lonely is he who wakes and finds
What was whole is half again
Love with its glory and surprise
Makes us fall and makes us rise
Misty tears will fill our eyes
When we loose our best friend
So soak up every blessed season
For love can leave with no reason
A faithful heart is met with treason
To begin again
Without love
Will we ever win

August 26, ,2005

The Sea

The Sea is my home
From shore I look longingly
And when I dive
I want to remain
Beneath the waves
Swimming free
Breathing below the surface
Still, calm, bubble circles
Float towards the sun
But me, would that I would be
A merman blasting
Through the depths
Of wonder
Ever more

August 25, ,2005

Rest Race

Pick it up keep pace
Stop it now rest race
Go go go some more
What are we rushing toward
What will be our destiny
We all face mortality
But it seems like we go on forever
Another sign we're not too clever
To put forward this propensity
Is this intelligence or density
All I know is I am tired
More sleep, more rest is required
It will come in time, yes maybe
When Kayden's done with being baby

August 24, ,2005

Inland Dream

Stirring passion poignant
Sleeping soul not born yet
Time ticking to transpire
Reeling railing rates require
Weary working vignette

Standing solemn on the shore
Quoth the waves forevermore
Symbols of shoreless season
Forget all rhyme forgo all reason
All these dreams implore

Take the time to tarry
Cast off burdens that you carry
Listen to the waves upon the sand
Swim on and on and on long as you can

August 23, 2005

The Road

The road is long and winding
Like love is kind and binding
But be prepared to pay a cost
Love not nurtured is love soon lost
Alone is what you may be finding

Dip and dive. Rise and fall
Fork and cross one and all
Listen to the many voices
Hear your heart to make your choices
Then head out standing tall

Humble haven sweet warm abode
Awaits your return from the road

August 22, 2005


I have stood solo on many a stage
Duo, trio, quartet, sex or octet
Now I feel the signs of age
And I am weary of worry and forget
What it is like to dream
To swim in the open sea
Of hope and wonder
Hold my breathe
Dive under
Time test
No air
Rise now
Truth dare
Why? How?
Still care
Will go

August 20, 2005


Chord changes
Pocket change
Skin changes
Mock it change
Youth changes
Old age change
Seems strange
Small change
Large change

I have sought familiarity
I have fought so I could stay free
I have lived ear shot of rifle range
No I know I must make a change

August 19, 2005

You and I

You... the better half of me reason to be
You...lovely summer morning
You...lover my soul enjoining
Lips as soft as sunshine
Eyes deep as the road is long
You age like fine red wind
You are my lover's song
You with me as the days go by
Complete is my soul since you and I

August 18, 2005

Build High

Don't sleep for heaven's sake
There is so much life to live
So much you miss when unawake
Is like water through a sieve
It seems your life is passing by
You are right to milk the moment
To soak up every thing you can
Awareness helps your mind foment
Passion burns in every man
Build upon your dreams and build high
Build upon your dreams and build high

August 15, 2005

Too Hot

Too hot for this Northwest boy
Funny from someone who says ahoy
To the idea of moving to the coast
Where hurricanes dance as we toast
The sunshine on the white sandy beach
It's a dream so illusive, just out of reach
Or perhaps it is not out of reach at all
But only waiting 'til we wake up and hear the call
Waiting only for our minds to be approving
Taking the time to have faith, pack up and be moving
Dreams to have or to have not
Wait another day, as for today
It's just too hot

August 13, 2005

Crossing Paths

I missed you and now I miss you once again
Too little time we share, whenever we're together
The road calls to one of us, always one of us
And we depart for our corners of the world
Sons, brothers, fathers, and forever friends
Time doesn't diminish how we care
No matter what the time
No matter what the weather
Spending time together is a must
We're like a finger board that's pearled with
Potent potential, like a song that never ends
Fleeting moments flying past
Sweet love's nectar in a glass
Until the time comes when our paths cross again

August 12, 2005


Some things spin out of control
Some things neatly align
Some say love will make you whole
Some say it'll break your heart in time
Who am I to say how love will evolve
We each go our way, we all seek resolve

Half whole whole half
Teeter totter makes us laugh
And then it makes us cry
So sad is the sorry day
When lovers say good bye

August 11, 2005


A penny for your thought

I haven't any, even for a penny.
I am only drifting in a dream like state
Wrestling between destiny and fate

If you please what is your plan?

I am sorry to say I have naught.
Clear direction? I haven't any.

You seem a descent chap
Perhaps we might share a map

It is not that I would really mind
But we each have our way to find

Life has crossroads, I seem to be there
Knowing not the way when I could go either

Be not bound by bitter affections
Search your heart when you seek directions

August 9, 2005

Spring Cleaning Summer

Piles of debris adorn the yard
The sunlight strikes the tin
Causing me to shield my eyes again
Sometimes it seems too hard
Progress of 10,000 miles
Is made in single steps
The burden that one accepts
Is the easiest of trials
Like water with a sunlight sheen
We will reflect the beauty found
As family and friends gather round
When our yard is finally clean
When spring is here we will thrill to slumber
Since we chose to do our spring cleaning in summer

August 8, 2005

Morning Musings

Sunlight filters through the leaves
Leaving luminescent patches in the green
Light yellow foliage dances in the breeze
I have a sense that is keen that this new dawn
Brings a new chance to make it count
Your life, your time, it will amount
To what you make it, yet like these trees
We are lifted and sustained with ease
By one is shadowed by the unyielding veil
There will come a time when we all will tell
The tale of our time here . Perhaps upon our knees
We will bow down like these flowing ferns
Plead mercy with a sigh
Low down, raised up
By One who is on high
Enough, enough
Deed decrees
By degrees
Mercy please
Mercy please

August 6. 2005

Waiting for Kayden

Waiting for Kayden to wake
Waiting for Kayden to sleep
This waiting tends to make
Me feel like I am in too deep
I sang a song about Winnie the Pooh
He watched my fingers I heard him coo
As he seemed to study my hands
Seeing dexterity chording demands
I thought of Josh and the way he learns
The changing of seasons as the world turns
I strummed and I played my back packer guitar
Thinking where ever you are, there you are
I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be
Than waiting for Kayden who's waiting for me

August 4, 2005

Sort of a Friend

There was a friend, well, sort of a friend
Who was at times quite crass
So full of himself en mass was he
It is wonder he could eat at all
When drinking he would drinking be
He would tend to show his ass
Not physically but person-ality
On display for all to hear and see
Like many bad dreams that I recall
Much better off are we
Without his butt to hear and see
Though we wish him well in the end
We say farewell to sort of a friend

August 5, 2005

Beach Scene Seen

My cell phone died and took my pictures of Cabo
Sharon, Clay, Randy, Terri: friends I've come to know
Were reflected in the turqoise waves upon my screen
Tinged with a tequila trace titalating beach scene seen
Each time I opened my "can you hear now?" "no!" cell phone
But it leapt from my pocket just one too many times
Battered, bruised and broken in a way not too sublime
Seems like the cost of replacement came in fairly high
I had to return my phone and pictures and say goodbye
To the comfort they affored me for well over a year
So I decapped a cold Corona, sat, sipped and shed a tea

August 3, 2005

Happy (For Uncle Frank)

Happy is not my thing
Uncle Frank said to me
Now you, you can sing
I am content just to be
No need for rules
To do what you think I should
Like a man falling from a tower
While falling says so far so good

In those last minutes of his final hour
He looked up to heaven and seemed to say
I am going home, here I am, take me
Though he'd never been one inclined to pray
I know in the end he was finally happy

August 2, 2005

Frank Murat

Still Life: Girl with Puppy

Still water stands placid
She gazes off lost in thought
Cat tails sway in the summer wind
She holds the puppy to her chest lovingly
She walks the lost roads of her mind's eye
She grins in fantasy full and flaccid
Of days gone by so free from ought
Fat tales said summer would never end
Calm, if not content, she waits expectantly
Days go by and she's at puppy peace inside


August 1, 2005

Flash Poems


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