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Flash Poetry   July 2005

Flash Poems

Poems from July 2005


Barefoot In The Rain

Warm quarter sized drops of rain falling
Mouths open drinking while creek is calling
Flash flooded gully gives a great ride
Taking to our tummies on a water slide
Ever onward with no back tracking
Fearless frolic lightning cracking
We rode rapids willful wild and winding
Over green grass cushions combining
Speed and comfort as we'd belly surf
Until weary we would climb ashore on earth
We would laugh at the thunderous refrain
Puddle pouncing pirates barefoot in the rain


July 30, 2005


I see the sands shifting
And I am drifting
With whirlpool pull
I see my hands sifting
Through the dreaming
Feeling like a fool
I walk as if in a state
That is hypnotic
Making motions making
Movements robotic
In the stiffness of their flow
Far from swiftness I slow
Sometimes with anger raging
Such is life, touching time
Much is aging
With a smile I cry
While life is passing by
Poker faced I face
The cards I'm handed
Feeling folly, trailing trolley
Clearly stranded

July 29, 2005

Doo Whop

Sometimes I go and just can't stop
I run on and on with my nose runny
Every thing I hear and see
Somehow strikes me as funny
At times I'm too hard on me
And I go like the energizer bunny
But singings brings it into perspective
It is all and all part of the collective
As I seek to harvest a new song crop
Sometimes it is enough to sing Doo Wap
Doo Wap Doo Wap Doo Wap Doo Wap

July 27, 2005


A woman knows
Much more than a man
At least in terms of
What women understand
Who is the father?
They say a woman knows.
Men know only what they're told
That used to be the way
So if it suited purpose
So if she had a plan
Things could go badly
For woman, child and man
If I may be so bold
I have a suggestion
Do more than simply pray
If honesty's in question
Test for DNA

July 25, 2005

Recalling Kansas

Kansas wheat fields
Waving in the sun
Golden grain crop yields
Waning day is done
A place in time
A family function
Memories chime
Of the Junction
The coolness of a summer breeze
The burgers and fries at Sandy's
When innocence remained
Where life was yet untamed
And yet so much more tame than now
The world and we've moved on and how
Still I recall those summer days
Of Kansas wheat fields and Blue Jays

July 24, 2005

Watching Sleeping Baby

Sleeping angel makes a whimper
Not far behind is instant temper
Pick me up and hold me close
I really do like this I suppose
As I feel the afternoon commence
I can repose and bask in this innocence
Sleeping not too soundly near by
I peek over cradle anticipating cry
Yesterday was as in a nightmare dreamed
He looked up at me with terror and he screamed
The crackling crumbly was not the earth quaking
It was only the sound of this ancient heart breaking
Fear not Papa little one for there is only love in here
As long as I walk the planet I will be ever near
If you should need me for anything at all
Pick up your satellite cell phone and simply call
Someday this grand papa could be a great grand papa maybe
And be blessed to gaze upon your own sleeping baby

July 23, 2005


Salt sea air
Nostrils flair
Inhaling sea breeze
Warm sand between toes
Sensations please
Heaven knows
I was meant
For sand walking
Time's best spent
Gazing gawking
Longing for my friend
Singing songs the wind
Carries out to sea
As my heart carries me
With the turning tide
Sitting, sighing seaside

July 22, 2005

Illusive Slumber

I long for pillow and soft warm blanket
I hope for peace and quiet. I'd thank it
If I could simply curl up in a ball
Sleep though the summer and the fall
I'd wonder where the winter went
I would sleep through spring bent
On nothing more than dreaming
Thoughts winding softly streaming
I would float on dreams of the turquoise sea
The sunset savored surrounding me
I would fly and fly on endlessly
Until in time I'd simply cease to be


July 20, 2005

What do you say

What do you say
Let's shine a bright light
Why don't we play
With all our might
Let's be love
Mon ami
Cooing dove
But if we do it
Let's do it right
And plow right through it
We'll start tonight
Love forever and a day
Let's do it
What do you say

July 18, 2005

Make It Soon

These beaches reach into my slumber
We build bungalows from star dust lumber
The colors make brilliant seem bland
In my lunar house here upon the sand
The sun leaves me silly like dumb and dumber
But it is not a silliness from which I flee
I am content to just relax and let it be
Hear as I sit with my guitar in hand
Making music magic in an island band
That is the dream that I foresee
Lord please make it a reality
In my soul there's a gypsy tune
Free my spirit and make it soon

July 17, 2005

A Wink

A wink awoke me to my circumstance
I think I spoke too much in advance
The team pulls forward but my view's the same
Tailing the lead telling tales taking blame
We run as a team through the tundra till tuckered
It all looks the same in the end and it's puckered
My enthusiasm is waning, my energy sagging
I whoosh and wind with a tail that is wagging
This stinks! Move me up! I cry and I plead
The world's one big butt unless you're the lead

July 15, 2005

Take It Easy

Take it easy when you can
There'll be times when you cannot
Every woman and every man
Should take the chance when they've got

A moment of reprieve

Not to rejoice or to grieve
But only to be still
Feel freedom if you will
Not seeking to please
Or to run the length
No testing
Just resting

For it is in times of ease
That we gather strength

July 14, 2005

From Funny

You don't know from funny
You don't see the humor of it all
You fret and frown for money
You see tragedy in the rumor of a fall
How much of this and that you spent
Occupies your total thought
Though we need food, shelter, rent
Perhaps still sometimes we ought
To just let go and have a laugh
Together we make troubles half
I 'd love to see you laugh
Until your nose is runny
Take the time to tickle me
When I don't know from funny

July 13, 2005

Open Wide

Open wide and swallow your troubles
Before they swell and burst like bubbles
All over your face and chin
Let them out, you let them in
When does a man begin to be
When he takes responsibility
For the place he is standing and
Finds the courage for demanding
More from life and from himself
Gives more not less to someone else
It is more natural than strange
If we believe, we can change
And turn the tide
Open up and open wide

July 12, 2005


It is just a day with a label
The difference is the fable
That lives are divided by 7
Times 4 times 12 not 11
Days, weeks, months and years
Wrought with work and fun, beers
Loves loving, stories telling
On and on and so compelling
Too much time we pretend
That life can be lived in a weekend
We arise Monday to do it all again
Savor every moment and you win
It is all perspective
What if we as a collective
Changed the name of Monday
And instead we called it Funday

July 11, 2005

You Grew Up

You are beautiful
Where did the time go
Just yesterday you could
Take a bath in the sink
You were chubby cheeked
Now your days are full
You're a new mom and though
I somehow thought it would

Be different. In a blink
Life and time streaked by and
My how all this time has flown
I'm happy for you now and
My how you have grown

July 8, 2005

Now and Then

Were we not a pair
She said to him
As he napped in his chair
Drool on his chin
Hang gliding
Scuba diving
Slow dancing
Making love
Making music
Our singing dove
We were so slick
Old weary wearing sweater
I couldn't possibly love you more
Although I might have shown you better
This is now and that was then
Given the chance I'd choose you again
If you came to my door
I love you now, then and ever more

July 7 2005

The Now

Hold on to your heart
Hold your dream pouch
You were bold at the start
Now you mold to the couch
No shoulder to the plow
You drift without an oar
All you have is the now
Or longing ever more
Where you go depends
At least 'til life ends
On how far you swim from shore

July 6 2005

The Future

The future unfolds in a cloud
Veiling our visibility
Cloaked in satin silken shroud
So difficult for us to see
Hope does as hope is
With each possibility
Plan, plot and plod along
Dusk to dawn let it be
With a heart that's full
Not weighed too heavily
No matter what the future
Only love will set you free.

July 5 2005

Day's End

Mow me over with the dandelions
As the twilight lingers on the leaves
I am thinking of something fine
In life the moments and memories
Weave in out and in again
Slow to start
Quick to end
Blessed is he with purpose
In his soul and on the surface
Setting sail on seas of sense
If there is sense to be had
One who isn't one to mince
Words regarding good or bad
Poof away the fairy chutes
That hang glide on the wind
Gravity challenges, then refutes
The longevity of their flight
I'm left with only thoughts again
As day slips into night

July 3, 2005

The Fourth of July

Independence day is here again
Calling like a long lost friend
Whispering of our chagrin
And causes me to take pause
I have fought for my country
Stood in battle bold and free
To believe but not really
In the purpose or the cause
In the end it was just a sham
Are soldiers sorrowful, I am
The memories of Viet Nam
Are like prints from bloody paws
So I celebrate and grieve
For in those days I sought to leave
And see what I might achieve
In some other land
Here I am not so resplendent
Yet glad I am to be independent
Whether I win or lose
To stay or leave I get to chose

July 4 2005

Summer Somersaults

Memories come calling like old friends
Sometimes it's hard to tell
Where now begins and the past ends
As if calling from some well
Echoing in the morning mist
You hear a voice
You wander roads you've traveled
To a time of choice
You get giddy with the gist
And nearly come unraveled
As you revel in the wonder of it all
And summer somersaults towards fall

July 1, 2005

Flash Poems


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