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Flash Poety  November 2004
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November 2004

I write these poems in a flash with morning coffee in one short sitting.
It is more like a stutter of consciousness than a stream.
It is good to be writing.

The Wish

Songs in Portuguese
Greet the morning
And help me ease into the day
Samba breezes, like waves breaking
Soothe my soul and my heart aching
For a time of R & R
In a distant land where we
Make a wish upon a star
Then accept things the way they are
We get to living and move on
Before our living time is gone
What would I wish upon that star
Just to be with you, anywhere you are

November 30,2004

Give Thanks

On this thankful holiday
I hope peace will come our way
All war machines will crumble and fall
And bring peace on earth for one and all
And to friends and family near and far
We love you big wherever you are

November 25, 2004

What Does It Mean?

One has, while one has not
One remembers what's best forgot
One's dreams come true
One's dreams come to naught
One longs for love and seeks survival
One lives in love's complete arrival
One is wild, one is tame
One finds failure, one finds fame
One aches with longing for a child
One denies new life and still can smile
Unable to think beyond their self
They move on quickly and with stealth
These mysteries I have thought and seen
And I wonder, what does it mean?

November 29,2004


Lovers in time traveling
Friendship's dimension
Relationship unraveling
From too much tension
Pull the string
Shoot the arrow
Feel the sting
Straight and narrow
Lost on the winding road
Heavy handed heartfelt toll
We must choose to love and nurture
Or face love's departure in the future.

November 22, 2004

Who do we know?

I never knew you, she said to him
Does anyone know anyone
Better than they know themselves
That is challenge enough, in and of itself
We are ever changing, so where do we begin?
There always seems to be a reason
To undo what has been done
Acting in romantic treason
Is perhaps the number one
Judge not to be not judged again
Forgiveness is looking forward and not behind
Not in laying out reminders of times when we were blind
As I walk with humble heart
Down this long and lonesome road
I am lost in all this thought thinking
Wondering who do we really know?

November 23, 2004

Lazy Day

Sometimes it is enough
To just lay back and take some leisure
Especially when life is rough
Take the tack and make more pleasure
Energy is lost or seeping
Plant yourself and be still
An afternoon spent just sleeping
Repays the cost and mends your will

Take some time to heal because it's okay
Without  guilt you can have a lazy day

November 21, 2004


Amazing sun rises on the beach and rocky shore
I gaze in my mind back to where I was before
At peace and basking in the light of Love
I am carried back in time by the cooing of our dove
Sunrise, sunsets, hopeful now, no more regrets
I watch and wait to see what lies in store

November 19,2004


Steadfast now, shoulder to the wheel
Count the beat in four four time
See what time reveals
Head strong, heart weary
Winding the way with rhyme
Who needs sleep, with eyes bleary
I cannot seem to make this climb
What was once a wishing well
Is now a holding tank
Where distant dreams now dwell
I look up to the light from this lonely place
Ease myself through memories
That time will not erase
I bait the hook and make the cast
Breathe in, breathe out. Steadfast.

November 20, 2004


It is amazing what God does, she said
In my heart I know it's true
Still with all the books I've read
I battle with these blues
Like a drunkard stumbling in the dark
I fight to feel my faith
With conviction of the heart
God's will, my will, cheap thrill
I feel forsaken in my soul
I listen with my heart and hope
Her words will make me whole

November 18, 2004


Do you want to hear what I think of your situation?
Do you want an honest answer to that question?
This may not be the best time to have a child
Really, should we pluck it, like a weed growing wild?
You say that with such ease, as if it isn't hard
I am not sorry I cannot see life with such disregard
You may not want to hear it
But I believe your spirit wanted to be here
I am thankful for all children and I'll ever hold them dear
Casting off a child is bit like burning crops
When there are hungry mouths to feed
Where life begins and where it ends
Is an ominous decision, I'll give God that deed
I'll get out my pad and pen
And work on the equation
Please pardon me if I disagree
With your preemptory persuasion

November 16, 2004


Zooming like a jet plane into another high
Blasting down towards the ground
And one more goodbye
The journey is a constant fluctuation
Between despair and jubilation
All captured in the sound
Of Music It's the punctuation
Of all this low and high
We walk the valleys and we bike the hills
Wandering towards the end of life
And all its sorrows and its thrills

November 14, 2004



There is an unsuspected curve in the road up ahead
Take the turn with caution, the light is turning red
Pay attention closely. There are dangers that are real
You won't reach your destination sleeping at the wheel
Inhale deep and exhale slow
Ease into the turn, you know
You are protected by forces you can't see
Keep faith, buckle up, move on and let it be

November 17, 2004


From time to time
While Looking at the moon
Clouds come to give you rest

Kitty Challenged

I type with one hand holding pup
To find release and to be witty
I am assisted by a climbing kitty
Who hops on chair and bounces up
Then trounces on the keyboard
Oh please give me patience Lord
I write to give this day salute
Curtailed by curious kitty  cute
Who can't seem to let me be
And Kitty types much worse than me

November 13, 2004

On Grieving

Loss of someone or something that's leaving
A hopeless sensation, haunted by grieving
All the pain with which we deal
Comes with living the love that we feel
Gone is the giving and the receiving

Grief comes in stages just like a play
I long for the actors to be on their way
I feel abandoned just like a lost boy
I am climbing the canyon upwards to joy

The prayers of my family bring spirit relief
As I walk in the valley and shadow of grief

November 12, 2004

The Mission

Brothers in arms put to the test
Set out together on their quest
What are their dreams
What are the thoughts
Who will succeed
Who'll come to naught
Still as a stone
They lie in wait
Thinking of home
Facing their fate
Acts of courage and contrition
We sleep in peace
As they face their mission
Freedom calling, they answer the call
Fighting for freedom for one and for all

November 11, 2004


They say if you have a dream then grab it
It appears that there is a guide or two
It requires an action called a habit

This action enables us to reach our objective
All based upon the things we do
But doing things that are effective

Finding your passion, your love, your choice
Hearing your conscience. Finding a need
Repeating your efforts. Finding your voice
It is then you will succeed.

You will rise far above defeat
If you define what's necessary
And repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

November 10, 2004


This day is new in all its splendor
My heart is hopeful looking out
At the view this room will render
What is the meaning all about?
What wonders lie in store
As we rise to face another day
And all that we are living for?
Each of us must walk our way
Where we are challenged or are bored
In the end what will we say
When we finally face the Lord?
Take life in and live it in full scope
In the end, foe or friend,
Where in lies your hope?

November 9, 2004

Time Off

Sitting in the studio
Listening and wincing
I need more practice
Not more convincing
I live this life
Like it's a rehearsal
Taking my time
Like there's a reversal
That could take place
And give me more time
More time on, more time off
More time for reason & rhyme
More time for smiles on my face
More time to be alive and aware
Brace for the wind and continue to care
There'll be time off someday somewhere
That is my hope. That is my prayer.

November 8, 2004

What's Next

What a day I'm having
It is far from bliss
I turn around
And say what is this?
Broken phones
Dented dreams
I want to run
I want to scream
I sit here spattered
By busted bubbles
Thoughts are scattered
Torn by troubles
Trying so hard to be good
Lost is times when I should
Have known better
In choices I made
I draw a card
And get a spade
I type the words
And read the text
I say a prayer, afraid
I ask what's next?

November 7, 2004

How does it go?

What are the changes
How does it go?
What are the chords?
I want to know
I want to feel it
In all its dimensions
I want to sing it
With best of intentions
The song of the heart
All its humanity
Making the melody
Slays the insanity
Rooted in chords
And finally freed
No longer tossed
Like tumbleweed
I know there's an answer
I feel it and so
What are the changes
How does it go?

November 5, 2004

I Hear Drums

The rhythms are churning inside my head
Hot humid jungles with sun setting red
Reggae reaches from hot sandy beaches
Somehow teaches love to the masses
Regardless of race and regardless of classes
People get ready is what it has said.
A melody melting to rhythm is wed
I picked up my guitar strummed on the strings
Moved by emotion and the song that it brings
At first just a melody heard when one hums
The rest comes in time to the timing of drums
The rhythms are churning inside my head
What my heart heard is what I have said

November 6, 2004

The End ?

Beware of wounding hearts my son
Take care to consider how it feels
Your heart was broken by someone
You know the pain that that reveals

Your love's heart and soul
Is where true treasure lies
Truth be known, then truth be told
It is less kind than cruel to hide

Tell the truth when you are done
Yours is not the only heart involved
It's less noble when you turn to run
If it is over, say so, so it's resolved

Be wary as you wonder
Make honesty your tool
It's scary if you ponder
How often love makes us a fool
November 3, 2004


Water cascades down the cliff above
Spray trickles to my shoulders
As I soak up the morning sun
Freeze framed memory
I was thinking of
The smoothing of the boulders
By endless days now done
Time spent, just you and me
Treasures, pleasures I recall
Pouring down over me like a waterfall

November 2, 2004

On True Love

Is the wonder of the world to be found
If so, it is in your eyes and in the sound
of your voice. They make me rejoice
At another day and season coming round

Though bodies weary and with time diminish
Love is the source from which we replenish
Though tempest tossed trials assail us
Love's enduring fire will avail us
Love will live on when living's reached its finish

Ageless. Timeless. Never old. Always new.
When wageless, rhyme-less, ever bold I still view
This life as full when love is true.

November 1, 2004

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