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Flash Poems October 2005

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Who will reach their potential
Just what is essential
What ever is a differential
I haven' a clue
Go about your business
Just don't forget this
Sometimes a kiss
Tells what is true
Autumn leaves swirling
Like a flag that's unfurling
Or a lifter that's curling
To bulk up
Lay to sleeping
Laugh when not weeping
When Tooling go jeeping
Don't sulk up
Let it be and be not blue
If nothing else say Boo
November 1, 2005

Breath and Count

Morning surprise
I arise
To see you there
In the living room
Loosen the grip
What a trip
Old enough
To be on your own
Young enough
To be foolish still
Tucking someone in
On the couch
Anger rises rapid
Is this vapid
Or rough or a
War of wills
To begin
I feel a grouch
Because I care
Sleep will not yet resume
With more stuff to surmount
So I stop and breath and count
October 29, 2005

The Leaves Let Go

The Leaves let go
The summer's passed
We all know
That nothing lasts
We make motions
As if indivisible
I get notions
I am invisible
I speak as one
Alone in a forest
If no one can hear
Am I there
When day is done
And the last chorus
An ice cold beer
An easy chair
Quiet fun
The leaves have gone
The race is run
October 28, 2005

Be Brave

Young man
be kind for kindness sake
Young child
Seek to give more than you take
Take care what you ingest
For your brain can surely bake
We don't live forever
though that is how it seems
Sometimes we live more life
When sleeping and in our dreams
Take a dream to waking
To make a better life
Wife love your husband
Husband love your wife
in the end yours may be the life you save
To truly love your lover is to be truly brave
October 27, 2005

Thank You

Thank you for being there
Though we don't talk
I know you care
You don't balk
You don't stare
You read these words
I feel your life
We strive like Kurds
Wielding a knife
Doubt and fear
So corrosive
Are Ninja subtle
Chipping souls though
Less explosive
No rebuttal
Quite erosive

Cast them out of here
When I feel alone
I know you are near
Riding quantum foam
True or not true
For your time
Thank You
To your heart from mine
October 26, 2005

Well well

Well well it's a well
Dark and dank

Musty stank

No ladder I can tell
Light is distant
And inconsistent
This cold side of hell
Don't want to quit
But perhaps I will
If this is it
Time just be still
Hear my soul's confession
I don't want to live
With this depression
October 25, 2005


Early Hours

Early hours find me waking
As if slumber was never here
Autumn flowers are for taking
They brighten up our home
I haven't the foresight of a seer
Or the magic of a gnome
I haven't the gusto of a beer
I weary wake and wander on
Never clearer where I'm going gone
It just seems to leave me shaking
My head in deep reflection
So much that seems to need correction
There is a jolt in morning showers
To help shake off these early hours

October 24, 2005

Still Awake

House shifting
Mind drifting
But not to sleep
Laying lumber
Seeking slumber
Time for dreaming deep
Feeling scruffy
Eyes puffy
Like ones that weep
Road weary
Sight bleary
Ignoring alarm's beep
Hip hop
Flip flop
Slyly counting sheep
New take
Still awake
What the bleep
October 23, 2005


Out of Reach

Out of reach or not
Is it chance or fate that
Determined what we got and
This portion on our plate

As a still small voice
Says you know what to do
It's a half empty half full choice
It is just a point of view

I would like to sip my coffee
As Kayden sleeps upon my chest

It's not out of my reach really
I would just prefer to let him rest

October 22, 2005



Timing dictates our fate
If we don't pay attention
Too many chances taken late
Too few leaps of faith to mention
In the wisdom of the sage
Are lessons to be learned
Knowledge is not a gift of age
If all your dreams are spurned
Everything comes to those who wait
I don't think that's true
Old age is waiting at the gate
For those who play the fool
And dreams will whither in the dust
If they are not attended to
Iron is not the only thing to rust
It is really up to you
And Time

October 20, 2005

Dark days

Dark days light heart
Rain glaze new start
Calm amid the hectic
Souls flow eclectic
In the morning drizzle
Deep down dream spark
Action creates an arc
We have all that we need
In order to succeed
Just give the pot a swizzle
Don't let your dreams fizzle
Hope's light
Shine bright
Illuminate these dark days
And this misty autumn haze

October 19,2005

These Hands

These hands come to mind
They draw, they paint
Turn pages and count time
Not hands of a saint
But a sinner
Who struggles on and on
Like a winner
In a race from dawn to dawn
Who wrestles racing
Spirit war within
Walks on praying pacing
Stumbling once again
Let these hands bring joy
And not misery
To lift up this little boy
And help him be
All that he can be
We will help him cope
When he needs a hand to hold
For comfort then I hope
These hands come to mind

And that comfort he will find
October 18, 2005

What' New

What's new
Who knows
Stay true
Joy grows
Light bright
Night knows
Clear sight
Light shows
The turns
Lost ways
Lie burns
Not torn
So sealed
Heart healed
October 17, 2005


Greet the Dawn

Crank it up now
Hit the highway
You wonder how
What is my way
Feel the tickle
Of your life
When in a pickle
Then think twice
Up and at 'em
Off you go
Take your time when
Starting slow
Rub your eyes
Have a yawn
See the sunrise
Greet the dawn
October 14, 2005


Late Evening

It is late in the evening
The stars are probably shining
But I am inside relaxing and reclining
And have no thought of leaving
It is good to have family
The shifting of souls through the house
It is always good to see
The closeness and honestly
No cat and mouse
I am soon to be in dreamland
Cuddled in an angel's arms
No need to think or understand
Or call upon some charms
I am tired and far from surly
These days late in the evening
Comes early

October 13, 2005


Hold My Hand

Hold my hand
And we'll cross the road together
Squeeze it tight
And have faith it will get better
Life is puzzle pieces
Sad or grand
At least until it ceases
We must fight
For what we believe
As peaceful warriors
Laugh or grieve
We will stay the course
Upon our knees
Give thanks every day
God listens when we pray
Hold my hand and
Hold it tight
October 12, 2005


Keep Your Head

Keep your head
Who wants to be headless
Mind what you've said
Read more or read less
Just mind what you read
Be not deedless
For actions validate words
I concede this
Spirits fly like birds
Bodies are earth bound
But only for a time
Some thing of worth found
Signals for a bell chime
Rise up and rejoice
Then listen to your voice
Every day is a fresh start
Head out lead by your heart
But keep your head
October 11, 2005

Strange Changes

Hear the rustling leaves song
Winter's coming before too long
Gray grumbles on the wind
Clouds thunder up again
At another storm's advance

This grayness tends to weary
Nothing's clear all is bleary
Haunted by a memory
Made new by a melody
Dancing the dance of circumstance
October 10, 2005


Come As You Are

Casual congregation
No tattoo consternation
Heart hugs at the door
Lost souls wanting more
Tormented tales to tell
First hand knowledge of hell
People from all walks of life
People who live to ride bikes
Here is the church
Here is the steeple
From all I've learned
Jesus was for the people
At least that is what I've heard
He is the Way and the Life and the Word
October 9, 2005


Reach your full potential
A little at a time
When troubles are torrential
Make yourself a rhyme
Your little hands waving
As if with minds of their own
While future roads you're paving
As you gain your muscle tone
Your smile could make an angel laugh
With the pure joy that it displays
I could not have seen before or aft
The wonder of these days
We are both here so we can teach
Each other the love that we can reach
October 8, 2005



Fine fabric woven tight
With laughter splashes
Innocence of white
With crimson colored clashes
Soft summer hues
Meshed with autumn's earth tones
Calypso rhythms the blues
Time lined flesh and bones
Sewn with sorrow
Sewn when content
Today and tomorrow
And where they both went
Until it's folded up and put away
To rest in peace on the final day

October 7, 2005


Autumn Leaves

The reds and golds of autumn
Herald in the season's change
We calculate the total sum
Of our losses and our gains
We wonder whether we are fit
To face the winter chill
It is not an option, to quit
So somehow, someway we will
We'll flee the frost before the fire
Sipping something warm
We will dine, day dream and desire
And deny the perfect storm
What is in store for us
What does the future hold
We will take it on as we thrust
Through leaves of red and gold
October 6, 2005

Happy Days

The Georgia rain was warm
On my bare feet
It splattered in the storm
Upon the red clay street
Donnie and I puddle jumped
And landed in the middle
Knees scraped heads bumped
Life was not a riddle
It was simple and true
Mama used to talk to me
And she would listen too
Having fun was all we had to do
Those days in the rain
Have come and gone
Replaced by age and pain
As we and the world moved on
But sometimes when I hear
The pitter patter of the rain
I see mama's face so clear
I'm soaked in those warm memories
And happy once again

October 5, 2005


Thoughts & Hopes

Kind thoughts and high hopes
Fond memories that linger
A childhood dream
Coats the mind
Like a ring on a finger
Like an ocean and moon beams
Perhaps the good you see in me
Is present after all
Perhaps the tormentor will flee
Leaving me no recall
Just kind thoughts and high hopes
Blessed is the one who copes
With life and all its woes
With love and all it shows.
October 4, 2005



Be Ready

Be ready for change for change is coming
Take a leap of faith and land running
Call upon the Lord for special favor
Tribulation's teaching us to savor
The blessings that we have acquired
The good times that we all desired
When everything is gone it
Makes it so much simpler to move on
Luck up and look forward
Don't look back
It is a new dream we move toward
In our track
Steady steady
Just be ready

October 3, 2005


Work Out

If you believe
you could achieve
anything you wanted
If you dream
Make it seem
you're undaunted
by the world
and all its woes
the weariness that shows
doubt's an enemy
attack it
Some one said to me
Are you wearing a
flack jacket
I wanted to shout

guess it's time
I must work out
I must work out
Work out
October 2, 2005

I feel a flutter

I feel a flutter
In my heart
And know not
From whence it came
I stop to stutter
Still I start
Commence the game
The leaves are in the lead
The ground is far behind
Still I must concede
It's just a matter of time
'Til the earth will wrap
In the leaves blanket
The flowing maple sap
Will be autumn's harvest
So we thank it
For easing in the winter
With lovely autumn's splendor
And the coming cold's cruel test

October 1, 2005

I couldn't wait for success,
so I went ahead without it.
Jonathan Winters


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