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Flash Poems October -December 2010
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The river on a beautiful day

December 17, 2010

The Comfort

The rain pours down
I hear the sound and smile
There is comfort in the pitter patter
And it seems that it doesn't matter;
The cares that could beguile
And turn a smile into a frown
The joy found in a hug
The peace in showing love
Brings comfort to the heart and soul
All is complete and all is whole
The sweetness of a snuggle bug
The happy thought I think of
Is made of moments like these
It is comfort, it is peace

November 11, 2010


Freedom defined
Can it be responsibility
Seldom resigned
To tranquility
Unless it comes from within

Do we go or stay
Do we take or pay
To easily we let the end begin

So shall I see
What I open my eyes upon
Lo let it be
Here today tomorrow gone

What of this forsaken vow
Would you could be here now
Feet planted on the ground
Lost in love the world goes round
"til the love scene comes to end

Is this the kiss of eternity
Lost and longing for a friend
To win, to lose, to let it be
To see there can be no amend
Then you go walking home alone again

October 29, 2010


Wondering with the wind
Blustering billowing dawn
Is still some time away
The darkness disinclined to abate
Seems I've been lost at sea on land
For sometime now,
Though I lost sight of being lost
When you are unaware you're paying
You can not compute the cost
But for a friend I would remain so evermore
The wandering would just continue on
Is this hour come too early or too late
I sit in silence like this then sing
Softly because the dawn is still some time away

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