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 Josh at Silent T   Josh & Christina


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On Saturday back in August 27, 2005 we all had a jam session at Silent T. There was Josh, Phil Whitman, Mike Purillo and me. I have the recording on the Silent T. It was great fun. Josh is writing lots a new material and playing great. Jam Photos

Josh also known as Johnny Suede
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Father
Flash Poet

Sariah      Sariah signing to Papa Josh

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Sariah was born on a Sunday night with Christina, Josh and Mish present. It was a private event and kept to themselves until after the labor and birth was complete. Now they are off on their new adventure and we wish them the best with the support of their friends and family in California. As so often is the case, we watch from a distance sending love and prayers. God bless.

Josh & Christina looking at Kayden, they are now
Mama & Papa to Saria.

Josh is making many changes in his life and he is now a father. E-mail him for information on what is new in his life.

I was able to watch him perform with his brother, Freedom, and the band in Dallas Texas since the band bought me a ticket. Thanks!.
Josh asked me to take down his lyrics and poems because he felt they reflected a part of his life he wants to move beyond. He feels he is in a much more positive space now. I mostly did what he asked but I told him not to throw away old songs because they are a reflection of life and life is the good, the bad and the ugly. After all, what we go through is what makes us who we are. But for now, I guess we will have to wait to read more of his way with words.

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