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Journal    May-June 2011



May 7, 2011  
Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown~

I write this on Mother's Day, which happens to fall on my father's 80th birthday this year. I have learned a lot over the years and one of the most important lessons is forgiveness. Another is accepting the fact that we are all human and fallible. I think that among the many words of wisdom we have been given these days "Honor thy father and thy mother" are some very important ones. The pedestal of parenthood on which we stand is a wonderful place. To see that love and respect and admiration in a small innocent soul's eyes is such a blessing. Still we fall, for we are human and no matter how much we strive for perfection, we never reach it. At the same time, in some strange way, things are exactly as they are supposed to be. I treasure the privilege and honor of being a father and hold immense respect for every woman who goes through the spectacularly unselfish act of carrying and delivering a baby. The same is true for those who take up the mantle of motherhood and provide the love and nurturing that all children need from a mother. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. In this day the village is often mixed families, or blended families. No worries, for love can conquer and heal all wherever the source of the mother's love. So I say happy mother's day to all woman everywhere who are mother's. You are majestic. I honor you. I honor my mother with gratitude.

And my father all these many years has learned and grown so much. He is as human as he ever was and yet is filled with so much insight and wisdom and compassion. He is talented soul and a powerful prayer warrior and I honor him for surviving on this planet for 80 years. For all the sacrifices he made over the years that could so easily be over looked. We all need food, shelter, clothing, water and love. I am grateful for the chance to be here, to live this life, to love my wife, my children, grand children and extended family with all my heart. I love my father and honor him on this day as well. Thank you for your spirit. Thanks you for my talent. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for my life.

Sending out the love.


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