June 13, 2012
It is another sunny day in Santa Rosa California. All around me I see people in flux moving towards the light or the darkness with ever increasing speed. Blessed is the man, woman and child who finds peace in this season.
Sobriety is the new drug. Aaron Murat
So a to do list is a very good thing. The absence of a list is like a mind expansion traveler who unveils the secret of life while on journey but forgets to, or is unable to write it down. That isn't really a good example because even if you wrote that knowledge down it most likely wouldn't make sense the next day. I listened to Paul McCartney referring to a time when the meaning of it all became clear to him at a party one evening. He called a friend over and insisted he write down McCartney's revelation. The next day the friend approached Paul and said "I have that piece of paper. "
"What paper?" McCartney asked.
" You know the one with the meaning of the life."
"Oh yea, let's have a look."
He read "There are 7 levels." hmm
Now I have a reminders list on my phone, a notepad list, sticky notes and I am still challenged to get things done. I guess setting a time frame is important. Like mail my dad's father's day card today! Of course the next step is to actually get up and follow the list rather than contemplating it like some holy mantra.
Speaking of which, I have to go mail a card.

Sending out the love

Kayden Sledding
The Yard 
Walkway Side view
Snow Licker
Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow

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