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Journal  June 2016

June 27, 2016
Chani's wedding was beautiful. I am so proud of her and all she has achieved and how talented she is. Chani was gorgeous. I am so happy to see her with someone who really cares for her and loves and respects her. She and Dana are an intense match and both radiate a great deal of power. And now they are on the next adventure and I wish them all the happiness and good they can find.

So many people pitched in to help with the wedding. Andie and Sarah worked their butts off helping in every way possible and must have made 30 trips up and down the hill bringing food and fetching anything that was needed. It was standing room only and quite a gathering of friends and family.
Bill Shanks served his wonderful Seattle Style Clam Chowder. Jim Collins provided the sound system.

Today Sarah heads back to LA. I am so sad to see her go. Between allergies and colds it has been a long couple of weeks and she has been in help mode the whole time.  Women are amazing and she is one amazing woman. I will miss her dearly. She is like a breath of fresh air, a cool wind on a hot day.

I feel wiped out today. Don't know if it is a cold or what. Attack of the mutant sinuses. I have been up since 4am and can't seem to catch my breath. Maybe a return for a little more slumber is order. Yes I do believe it is.

June 25, 2016
Chani Happy

May the promises you make here be fulfilled
May your love shine like a beacon on a hill
When your heart is called upon to give
May you always say I will
May you grow as kindred spirits
And when each day is done
From now until forever
Be as one
From now until forever
May you always stay together
From now until forever be as one

Be as one, this is my wish and prayer for my daughter Chani and Dana as they embark on the adventure of marriage on June 26th, 2016. The years go by like falling leaves and I have this picture in my mind of her with two pony tails, a big grin on her face as she swings on the swing in a park, happy and fearless. I also recall watching her roller skate and doing the chicken dance and the joy she brought my heart. The memories line up and say "Pick me! Pick me!" A father's joy and all that goes with the love of a child are among life's greatest blessings. I sit in the studio and listen to the little instrumental I wrote for walk down the isle. It just makes me thankful for all the blessings she has brought into my life. Now I will have a son in law with Dana and another grand child, Kaylee. Much love and many blessings. I am so proud of her and thankful she has found love in her life. All life's blessings upon their union.

Sending out the love.


June 15, 2016

Amazing the speed at which time passes. I have been in a conundrum ever since my father passed New Year's Eve of 2015. The deep emptiness of his absence  in my life followed by the estrangement of family that followed his passing have been a source of great despair. Mourning has been very difficult and, combined with the emotions of combat related PTSD, I lost all desire to be here on the planet any longer. I am awakening now with the responsibility I have to do the best I can and  stay here as long as I can. I have so much love to give and so many passionate emotions from rage to joy that are somehow numbed. Life is a roller coaster ride when the primitive brain takes the reins. All lines of sensible communication are severed for a time. I am so thankful for the Veterans Center where I can receive help from excellent professionals to learn coping skills necessary for my survival.

There is a song about people who feed on and thrive off drama.
Some folks seem to thrive on all of the crazy that comes into their lives
When it's all good and everything's going fine they sabotage themselves
And it's dram time
Drama, drama drams

Through the times that followed my father's passing I reached out and made a huge request of some people in my life.
" Please no drama for a while, I am having a really rough time with this transition."
The breech of this request was terminal to many relationships, even ones that did not involve drama. I knew it was coming and just did not have the steam to deal with it. This is not about taking space, it is about moving on.
Sometimes the best way to love someone is from a distance through good thoughts and by sending out love and prayers. We are all fragile at different points and different levels in our lives. If someone can only see you as an ass, it is better not to waste your time trying to convince them otherwise. It is futile and also it is just too tempting to point out their own ass-ness and that goes no where fast.
Reminds me of a song I used to sing with Chani about Butt Heads:

"Butts! Talking 'bout butts
They're what we sit down on
Some people wear theirs on
Their shoulders"

So there you have it. I am involved in EMDR Therapy right now for PTSD and it is some seriously hard work and painful but I would recommend it  highly to any one who might suspect they have a trauma that needs healing, or at least easing.

Sending out the love.

21, 2016

Beach sunset in Ventura California

Sunset on Ventura Beach
March 25th 2016

Breathe in and breathe out as long as you can.
At some point it will stop, for one reason or another.

Sending out the love         Favorite Recording Studio- Studio 0 Four

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