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Journal  September 2016

September  4, 2016

School is about to start and the the daily drive across the tressle begins. I need a routine too. Life is too scattered just drifting with no plan. The days just run together.

Journal September 2016

Sunset on Ventura Beach
March 25th 2016

Breathe in and breathe out as long as you can.
At some point it will stop, for one reason or another.

Favorite Recording Studio- Studio 0 Four

Thalia Capos
 Treat yourself and your guitar to a beautiful Thalia Capo. I endorse these capos completely! (Not that they asked)
"Unique design allows you to easily capo your guitar with just your fretting hand.
Beautifully inlaid with abalone shell & exotic woods."

Favorite Recording Studio
Studio 0 Four

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Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow

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