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Journal  December  2010 

Christmas Tree

December 17, 2010
One minute until midnight and I am typing one handed as Andie is sleeping snuggled around my right arm. It is such a warm loving feeling. I am and have been dealing health issues that involve a great deal of pain, and as I haven't died yet, I can only assume I am getting stronger by the minute. I spent two days in the studio recording cover tunes to rehearse and take my mind off the discomfort. I prayed a lot, gave thanks a lot and upon listening back, discovered once again the importance of consistent practice. Yikes! It was a lesson I was happy to relearn at my own studio without an audience or having to paying an engineer and studio time. It is one of the reasons we got the studio so I was happily distracted for a time.
Wow I heard what I thought was the loudest thunder I have ever heard. But it didn't stop so it must be a murderous motor cycle or car. Someone has been drinking too much booze and got a burst testosterone. It is still going on. It is after midnight in a big garage revving their engine so it sounds like they are parked in our living room. It is strong evidence against evolution or at the very least proof it is a very slow process. A mental picture of an ape pounding on his chest comes to mind. Mercifully it stopped after what seemed like an hour. I am sure it was really only minutes.
Then I was visited with hiccups so I moved to the couch and continued to write until 2:30 this morning. So a new day begins. Liz spent the night las night and played with Kayden and I got some sleep on the couch. Kayden loves when his mommie is here. This morning we had some good snuggle time looking at Liz's open water pictures and sitting on the couch. Andie is home now and she is in the kitchen with Liz. I built Kayden a blanket fort and he is lying in it watching Madigascar Christmas.
I am praying for healing and happiness over the holidays and into the new year. Renew hope with gratitude for the many blessings we have.

Kayden Sledding
The Yard 
Walkway Side view
Snow Licker
Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow

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Greg Murat (mur-rah)  
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