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Journal    December 2011

A Very Happy New Year to everyone!

December 29, 2011
Where is the time in a day? I look for work on line,I Facebook, play with Kayden, walk in circles very fast for exercise and then it is evening again.

Last night Kayden was taking a bath and I sat on the stool and played my guitar. I often do that but this time he said, "This is just the worstest time for you to play guitar."
I asked why and he said "Because you can't hear me when you do." I put down the guitar.

For some reason he did an imitation of my voice saying "Do it!" and it was quite high pitched. I said that I don't sound like that. I picked up my guitar and sang "Do it. Do it! Do it" in my lowest voice. He chimed right in with a very high soprano harmony "Do it. Do. Do it."
I said "Hey, I don't sound like that!" and we both laughed. We played that game and song until we were both laughed out and it was time to get out of the bath.

Simple pleasures.

December 2, 2011

I haven't written in so long I may have forgotten how. But maybe not. I love to feel the energy flow to the page through me fingertips in the same way I love to hear notes coming from my guitar. I just about crashed the plane in the last few months. It is funny how the mind works, or doesn't, when you don't get enough sleep. Traditionally for me that has been about 4 hours and a good sleep is 6 (almost never). Still as the years pass the idea of sleep gains appeal so I feel like I am missing something but not being asleep. Ha is that ever a shift. I just wasted a bunch of time trying to find this picture of Chani I keep finding and losing again. No luck. For now I think that is the extent of my energy tonight. I know. I know. It is hard to get so much info in so little time. Strike that reverse it. I will be back.


Sending out the love

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