February 4, 2013
My wife and best friend Andrea's birthday and here I sit looking out at the morning fog and she sits driving Kayden to school. The distance between seems too hard sometimes. If we want to be with someone we are not we need to picture and feel being together. This draws it to us. This is a very hard one for me because I feel the absence so intensely that I guess it just creates more of the same. I can close me eyes and picture us walking on the beach and Kayden playing in the sand. This brings me a happy warm feeling, a sense of peace and contentment, joy. I can see and feel it now. I am open to all possibilities and set myself free from ties to negative thoughts and people and release them from my life. And so it is done.
I am grateful for the blessing of Andie and having her for my life partner. She is beautiful and real. I hope I can bring her the joy she brings me.

February 2, 2013
I see the gaps in writing that have arisen almost exclusively because of staring hour after hour at Facebook. I miss the feeling of just letting the keys dance and say what they are guided to say, not really knowing if anyone reads or cares. It is a healing for me just to write. In this time there is so much unease and at the same time so much that is beautiful. I have a great difficulty being in the present. I find myself missing my wife Andie and her company so much. Tonight I don't get to talk to her and I feel that uncomfortable feeling. I let it go and come back to writing. Thoughts race in all directions and make their way back to this moment and I feel like it is enough for thinking and it is time to play my guitar. So there I go...

Sending out the love

Kayden Sledding
The Yard 
Walkway Side view
Snow Licker
Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow

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