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April 7,2014    Get Outside!
So it appears that the sun will bless our day here in the great northwest today. I am finishing up some chores and attempting to get some time in on the guitar today. It seems like that is the one thing that falls far back on the list. I want to practice piano, guitar, voice and write some songs but my brain is scattered: the fragmentation that comes with PTSD. It is challenging even to read a book to the end. I lose interest or forget I even started. It seems like it gets worse and not better. The sun surely helps though. Taking Vitamin D3 makes a difference as well.
It seems so many are struggling with health, finance, mental and natural disaster issues. I am grateful for the moments of peace and quiet as they come. It is impossible not to be affected by all that is happening in the world. As we find a place of peace and calm we can shine that light on the darkness. There is a huge spiritual deficit in the world. Let go and let God.
Woh that sun is calling me to step away from the laptop and as my friend Casey Garland says: Get Outside!
Sending out the love.

April 2,2014
In the background I hear the ceaseless cooing of the dove, Lucy Liu. The dryer is tumbling and I am grateful to have shelter however humble. The landslide up in Oso wiped out a small community and the ones who were fortunate enough to survive were left with the clothes on their backs. I think we will see more community involvement as these natural shifts in nature occur. We need to haul food and money and supplies to people not just fatten the coffers of organizations like Red Cross. It is good that the powers that be are letting the members of the logging community in to help try to find survivors or recover those who lost their lives. You truly never know what awaits with each new day. Life, however hard, is so precious and short.

March 23, 2014  Happy Birthday Chani!

New day dawns and it is sunny outside. Our yard has been flooded for over a week and just subsided yesterday. Luckily we can get in the house through one door without wading. I do keep a pair of knee high rubber boots in the trunk for flooding though.
Andie stayed with her mom last night to help her adjust to being home after back surgery. I was at the Wild Vine Bistro last night with the band of friends, Ron Llinas, Dee Robersin, Jimmy Culler, John Matthews and many good friends. It was a night of good people and good times but I really missed Andie being there and so did everyone else. Music is a great means of touching lives and healing people too. I am grateful for the chance to play and sing when I can and for the many talented people I know.

Today is the 30th birthday to my daughter Chani. She is such a fine artist and human being. Love her so much and so proud of her as a spirit and person. Go girl! There are no limits to what you can do and how far you can go.

The time in between...
March 3, 2014
I see months go by, or should I say I don't see months go by, they just pass unnoticed in the day to day. The one constant is pain. It is a distraction from focus but I am beginning to learn that it is a teacher if you sit with it and be in the moment. It has always seemed to me that being in the moment is supposed to be blissful or without suffering. It is what it is. That is the truth of the matter. Pain can be a great teacher. Not sure of what yet. Patience maybe. Endurance. Focus. The things prescribed for it all come at a cost and don't really solve anything.  The idea that there is a lesson here is very appealing for the other extreme is the desire to leave this plane and go on to the next adventure.
There is a book At Hell's Gate: a soldiers's journey from war to peace. He ends the book with a brief guideline to mindfulness meditation. The author's teacher was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk in Paris and he authored several books one titled, Anger. It begins with guidelines early on that describe the benefits of meditation twice a day. I begin with 7 minutes each morning and felt the results in a few days so I added an evening session. Stillness, sitting and breathing in and breathing out consciously. It is what it is. I realized the third day when I was attempting to meditate Kayden wanted to discuss a video game. He was going to sit with me and then changed his mind. I finally gave up and went about playing with him. I felt off kilter all morning so I told him I needed seven minutes to meditate. He said fine. I felt much better after just that time. It is good for the soul. A Present Pause. ah

Sending out the love

Kayden Sledding
The Yard 
Walkway Side view
Snow Licker
Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow


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