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Journal   July  2016

July 27, 2016

Can it really be the end of July? This summer is racing by and so little to build memories on. It just seems to be flying past. I think we need a major get away and some family time on a beach. It seems to be so rejuvenating for Andie, Kayden and me. They spend a lot of one on one time together and I wonder around and along on the sidelines with my guitar strapped on playing tunes and singing. I think there is something magical about sand between your toes. I feel the Caribbean calling but not sure where. I would really like us all to go and experience that water together someday.
   It is after midnight and everyone is asleep. I was playing my electric guitar with headphone and scrolling through the sounds on my Line 6 POD. I never have used that effects pedal since someone spilled an entire pint of water into it right when it was brand new. It was at Province's, one of the oh so many restaurants that have come and gone over the years. I played through name changes and 5 owners in Edmonds at Bickford's. Talk about time flying by, I think I played there for about 20 years on Monday nights. It was a healing and sharing day after all the chaos of day to day living. And here we are in 2016, four years after the world was surely going to end according to the Mayan calendar. It may yet happen. Look at the up and coming elections. Two crap sandwiches on the menu. I won't vote for either one of the turd  burglars. Not that it matters  anymore.  As the now deceased Robin Williams used to say, "Don't worry, be happy." Avoid belts and doorways.

July 22, 2016

It is another sunny day in the land of rain. Kayden is watching YouTube videos of Yoki. It is beautiful outside and I will be out as much as possible today. I am trying to find inner peace by changing the immediate surroundings. Trying to feel. Life can be a roller coaster of emotions. I want to find a way to experience the positive feelings with the intensity that I feel the negative ones. I think gratitude is the key. But when a person feels as though they have been given an emotional shot of Novocain how does one feel anything?

I have been reading about the spiritual and emotional causes of disease. It is very interesting. I am not sure how you cure them. I remember my oldest son asking me "What are you not saying?" when I was having one of my many bouts of coughing fits.  There was a doctor at the VA who said "That is not bronchitis, it is acid reflex." Her remedy did seem to help with the coughing. Omeprozole. As to what I am not saying, good question. I feel I often say too much.  There is a gift in this clan that makes termination of relationships very natural and quickly acted upon. "Off with their heads!" as the queen in Alice in Wonderland would say. There are times of despairing slides downhill and a sense of doom impending. Moving is like swimming through Jello. There are reprieves in making others laugh, or playing my guitar and stopping all thoughts for a moment or two. Sunshine is definitely a great help as well as it seems to rejuvenate the spirit. Speaking of which, it is time to Get Outside, as my friend Casey Garland would say.

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Sunset on Ventura Beach
March 25th 2016

Breathe in and breathe out as long as you can.
At some point it will stop, for one reason or another.

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