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Journal   November  2017     

Sitting in the studio listening to a recording of Kayden playing ocarina. It is so beautiful.
I find it quite comforting in its emotion and perfection. My heart is heavy today as I come
to realize that some people are like oil and water and just do not mix. Couples can become
like that over years if they lay the bricks of silence between them and reach a point that
so many silent scores they have kept makes everything the other does or says irritating.
So family members can be that way seeking the death of a thousand cuts  with words that
wound or dredge up one version of the past. Walk away. Some people are combatant by
nature and are only happy in drama and chaos. We each have a path and a thousand choices
as we go about our lives. The key to a relationship is accepting and allowing a person to be
human and the secret to contentment is avoid people who seek to cause you pain.
Life is just too short and there are too many wonderful people in the world to be in the presence
of those who personify the Clash of the Titans. Through the the guns and hang up the gloves.

It is what it is.

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Greg Murat (mur-rah)  
  Singer-Songwriter  Guitarist  Poet  

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