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greg in the studio

Greg Murat Performing at Studio04
Photo is a clip from the  video by Mike Daily

Courtesy of Everett Rock YouTube      Everett Rock    
Marc Tachell is a tremendous support to the live music scene.
In Marc's words these videos are unedited and done
to promote local musicians. The sound is live
from the audience through the camera mic. They are free form,
spontaneous and much appreciated. They are real folks.

Greg Murat and Jimmy Culler at Bands of Ballinger
Greg Murat and Jimmy Culler
Performing at Bands of Ballinger
Photo is a clip from the  video by Marc Tachell

Bands on Ballinger Playlist without titles
Dale Antonsen provided
the playlist of Everett Rock's Video's 
of Jimmy Culler and I performing
Below are links by song title.
With the exception of Rio, Valley Island Lady
and House at Pooh Corner, these songs 
were written by Greg Murat
(Copyright 2014 all rights reserved)
Publishing Rights Spare Change Music BMI
Contact Greg Murat

Papa G and Jimmy Culler 
1.   Rio de Janeiro Blue-Randy Crawford Cover

2.  Happy Feet

3.  Cool Wind

4.   Gone to Yesterday 

5.   Something's Gotta Happen

6.   Valley Island Lady-Rhythm Cafe Cover

7.   When My Baby Cannot Sleep  

8.   House at Pooh Corner (Kenny Loggins Cover)

9.   Love Wears Your Name

10.   Club Americana

11.  These Blues

12.  Working For a Living In the USA

13.  Love Me One More Time

14.  Make Peace with Yourself

Greg Murat and Cool Wind at Freedom Festival
Greg Murat and Cool Wind Performing at Studio04
Photo is a clip from the  video by Marc Tachell

All Songs written by Greg Murat
with the exception of Deep In (Derrick Chevalier)
Rock Me(Doug Hamilton and Greg Murat)
All Greg Murat songs Copyright Greg Murat 2016
Publishing Rights Spare Change Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

The Band

Ebey Island Freedom Festival 2015 Playlist with titles  
Ebey Island Video Courtesy of Everett Rock

Let it Pour Written by Greg Murat

Love Me One More Time Written by Greg Murat

Caribbean Islands Written by Greg Murat

These Blues Written by Greg Murat

Deep In written by Derrick Chevalier

Kinda Like It Mellow Written by Greg Murat

Rock Me by Doug Hamilton and Greg Murat

Drama Written by Greg Murat

Happy Feet Written by Greg Murat

Hey You Written by Greg Murat

When My Baby Cannot Sleep Written by Greg Murat


Jimmy Culler playing bass at Oak Harbor Music Festival
Jimmy Culler at the OHMF

Photo is a clip from the  video by Marc Tachell/Everett Rock

Oak Harbor Music Festival 
Link to Playlist Without Titles
Video courtesy of Everett Rock

Below are links to Songs by title

1.  Intro by Marie and Cover I Wanna Hold Your Hand

2.  Cover of Randy Crawford's Rio de Janeiro

3.  Gotta Get Back to Love

4.  Baby

5.  Love Me One More Time

6.  Make Peace with Yourself

7.  Heaven In Your Eyes

8.  Give Us Free

9.  Trouble

10. Love Is Kind

11. Cool Wind

12. Let's Stay Friends Forever

13. Club

14. These Blues

15.  Happy Feet

The videos with the back drop and lighting
were shot by Michael Daily in his recording studio.
These are acoustic performances by Greg Murat
early on in the media arena. A singer songwriter
trying to record and play with the encouragement
of good friend Mike Daily.

STUDIO picture of Greg Murat playing video by Mike Daily

Greg Murat Performing at Studio04
Photo is a clip from the  video by Mike Daily

Letting Go

Let's Stay Friends Forever

This video contains three unedited songs
Where am I going?
Deep In-Derrick Harrison Cover
More Than Just a Line
-Derrick Harrison Cover

Is This Love

Lady of Dunsmuir
iPhone in Silent T Studio

All of You People

Steer - Missy Higgins Cover
Video by Dale Antonsen
live at the Edmonds Art Festival

Gone to Yesterday

You've Gotta Believe


I'm Happy (but I'm lonely)

Love is Kind

Little Ones

Summer Vacation


Sunny Day Song

©Greg Murat 1984-2017 all rights reserved Publishing Spare Change Music (BMI)

All contents Copyright 2003-2017 Greg Murat 
  Publishing Rights Spare Change Music (BMI) 
  All Rights Reserved
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