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Papa G on the beach at Cabo San Lucas
   Photo by Andie Murat

An Acoustic Jazzy Folk-Pop Singer-Songwriter

Greg Murat (pronounced mur-rah) Papa G

I was born onto the shifting sands of a military family. I lived all over the United States, in Europe for 6 years and Southeast Asia. All of that travel gave me a world view of life and music. Jazz was the music at our house, and vocalists like Tony Bennett, Andy Williams and the Brazilian music of Jobim and Stan Getz. Before I discovered the Beatles, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins and Pop music, these were my influences. I spent endless hours imitating all those great vocalists and developing my own style. I memorized and mimicked hundreds of songs. I beat out rhythms on anything that would sit still. I loved to be alone because I could really let loose and sing at the top of my lungs. I would never sing in front of people, I was much too shy. It seemed that wherever we lived, there were woods out our back door. That's where I would go to be alone. Many summer days found me running through the woods and along streams, singing, always singing, and fantasizing I was on some beautiful tropical island. Those daydreams later found their way into a lot of my songs.  

Greg Murat with guitar Cabo San Lucas
Photo by Andie Murat

   I began playing guitar in the backyard of my Uncle John's house in Florida when I was 18 years old. He had an old guitar laying around and some 60's pop song books. That was the beginning and that is where I wrote my first two songs, both inspired by love gone wrong. I have celebrated life (the good and bad) through songs ever sense. Music is about expressing emotion, and that's the approach I take to singing, playing guitar and piano. A training in classical guitar and percussion gave me a rhythmic and melodic playing style. All the richness of my experience has found its way into the songs I compose. Writing songs opened up a new world where I discovered a use for my sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, sense of empathy with people. I could capture other people's emotions and express them too. To comfort the loss of a loved one, I wrote I'll Love You Forever and my lovely wife, Andie, recorded it for her friend Gia. To aid victims of abuse I wrote Far Cry From Love, also recorded by Andie. As a commentary on teen pregnancy I wrote Young Lovers (Child With A Child). For the many lost souls who returned from Southeast Asia (but not really) I wrote Lost In Viet Nam. To celebrate the joy of a wedding, I wrote The Groom and the Bride. Love is Kind was written for friends when they were struggling with their marriage. What a gift I have been given! What an opportunity

  Although I have played solo everywhere from living rooms to the Gorge Amphitheater, I opened 10 shows for BB King and many others, I truly enjoy kicking up the sand with some of my very talented friends.. I love playing shows with friends like Scott MacGougan, Mike Daily, John Matthews and Jimmy Culler. I love when they surprise me and show up to play and sing to Murat music. When we play songs like Love Me One More Time, The Dawn and Club Americana I am off on some tropical island and it puts a big smile on my face every time. The influence of Jazz Swing shows up in songs like Boody Wah Scoody or When My Baby Cannot Sleep. My love for the music of Brazil is apparent in songs like Brighter Days, Hey Buddy and Make Peace With Yourself. My young paradise island fantasy finds a home in Cool Wind From Jamaica. Light hearted joy is the feeling of Springtime of the Year and Summer Vacation. There are also tongue in cheek songs like Just Don't Know or Uh Oh and Gotta Get Back To Love.

   There is something timeless about the songs God has given me. Songs like Wasn't It a Time and Love is Kind were influenced by classic ballads and I feel hopeful they will remain alive and well long after I have gone to the next great adventure. I love to hear other singers sing my songs. I am working on publishing at this time and opening the door to get my songs into the hands of some of the many fine singers out there.   Greg

Music Promo

Papa G plays percussive finger style classic guitar and masterfully sings exceptionally well-crafted songs. His live shows are captivating collages of heartfelt emotions, enticing rhythms and memorable melodies.

Murat performs solo or with extraordinarily talented musicians including Jimmy Culler-Bass and Vocals, Scott MacGougan-Lead Guitar and Vocals, Mike Daily-Drums and Vocals, and John Matthews-Percussion

Papa G is also a shell shocked veteran, a husband, a papa, a friend and a grandpapa with a nylon string guitar, a voice for singing and a heart and mind that remain forever on some beach somewhere.

The Northwest has been home since returning from a tour in Vietnam and will probably be so forever. This is where tons of Murat original songs have been lovingly and magically crafted over many years. Songs with a feeling of warm sand on bare feet, sunny days, love, a longing for world peace, positive change, hope, reflection, passion, laughter and tears. Toss all that in a blender with ice and you have a very flavorful mix of music: life songs with a beach view. It is original light hearted latin jazzy reggae pop, rock and ballads and flows with emotion and summer breezes. Who knows how or why this is true in this beautiful land of much gray and rain?
The last verse of Caribbean Islands sums it up:

Although I've long lived in the great Northwest
There’s a Caribbean heart beating in my chest
So I’ve got the sun on the rainiest day so
I put it in a song I'm going to send it your way
Caribbean Islands are calling to me
Soft white sands and the coconut trees
No other place got that color of the sea
Caribbean Islands are calling to me  
Greg walking on the beach in Cabo 
Photo by Andie Murat  

Musical Style
Murat (mur-rah) music is Life and World Music that crosses international boundaries. It is light hearted latin jazzy reggae pop, rock and ballads that leave audiences smiling and wanting more. Original music is drawn from the influences of Reggae, Rock, Pop, Folk, Bosa Nova, Samba, Swing and Jazz Standards. Papa G musical chameleon, adaptable to the environment he is performing.

For Bookings call 425-308-3683 or send an e-mail to

Performance History
Papa G has performed at the Gorge Amphitheater, The Moore Theater, Bumber Shoot, The Bite of Seattle, The Taste of Edmonds, Folklife, The Garlic Festival, The Columbia Winery, The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, on King TV, PBS and many other venues.
Early career included concert appearances in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. The preferred opening act at Parker's for many years and opened shows for scores of national acts including 10 shows for BB King.
Murat was voted best musical performance twice at The Taste of Edmonds
Always setting a mood that is personal, romantic and fun. He loves playing music and it shows.

"There is something truly fulfilling about singing. It is as close as you can get to being transported to another place and another time while standing still. It's like being free of gravity, or the need for air underwater. It is the touching of souls and hearts with pure love. The ability to write songs is a great asset to a singer, a means of designing your own mode of travel. Although I write in many styles, I am fond of writing ballads of love and life. There is nothing like a ballad for a singer to express heart felt emotion." Papa G

Greg Cabo Small
Photo by Andie Murat

"Singing is a chance for total emotional connection with a song and with an audience. Eye contact is great for exchange, but sometimes you have to close your eyes to be really carried away. When all is right, the audience is right there too. I love the feeling that comes from looking into the eyes of people in the audience and seeing that they understand the emotion behind the lyrics and music. Love Is Kind is one of those songs that inspires that kind of interaction. Greg

Solo Artist    
Performs solo, singing and playing guitar or piano with a vast array of original tunes and a long list of tunes by such artists as James Taylor, Jason Mraz, Amos Lee, The Beatles and Sting. Personalized tunes: making cover songs "mur-rah" music. Performances are designed to create an ambiance that is warm, fun and supportive of any event. Performing as an instrumentalist on guitar or piano with a guitar style based classical technique with some flamenco and bosa nova influences. Available for concerts, weddings, wine tasting's and many special events. Instrumental CD's Sarah's Dreams, Morning Mist and C'est Syrah are CD's used by massage therapists and school teachers for their relaxing, soothing moods. Blossoms and Celebrate Tomorrow are CD examples of live guitar and vocal solo performances.

The Band   Cool Wind
The band leans toward more high energy Latin Jazz Pop Rock; Island Music.
The rhythmic foundation of the band is Jimmy Culler on bass and Mike Daily on Drums. Percussion slot is filled by John Matthews and Scott MacGougan is happily found playing lead guitar. Dale Fuentes used to play incredible flute with us. Dale is currently playing Latin Jazz with various groups. Doug Hamilton co-wrote songs with me and played his signature sax with us. He now lives in Arizona.

We play some classics and lots of original "MUR-RAH" music: Latin Jazzy R & B Reggae Island Rock. This music is high energy and great fun. Caution is advised, you will not be able to sit still and you may find yourself dancing wildly to Island rhythms. Many people's cheeks ache following a concert due to prolonged smiling. I have been spotted leaping into the air and jumping up and down in time to the music and so have our listeners. I love playing music with my friends and we love playing for our audiences. The band has performed at many festivals including The Garlic Festival, The Taste of Tacoma, Bumber Shoot, Equinox and the Taste of Edmonds.

Hearing is believing.
The band is something of a living entity that breathes and grows and changes. It is never less, but always more from the contributions of the many talented musicians who all have lives to live, responsibilities to meet and a shared desire and challenge to find the time for the thing we all love to do the most, play music. Each player adds their own unique seasonings to flavor this music. It is music that comes from a foundation built on the joy and celebration of life and passion. There is a special magic that comes when a group of players join together and form something new and positive: a force of one.
Band members are subject to change due to conditions of wind and surf but one thing is for sure, the musicians that take part are always fantastic.     The summer provides many festival venues like The Taste of Edmonds and we love doing outdoor shows and we look forward to many more each passing year. It's always so nice to play outside when the sun is shining,the wind is up and the the stage is cool.

Available to perform with musicians from duo to eight piece band and anywhere in between. We've performed at Bumber Shoot and the Gorge Amphitheater. There is a tropical feel to Murat music that makes it perfect for festivals of any kind. Murat is favorite among the many musicians who play local venues.

Gone to Yesterday and Room With A View are full band CD's.

 Greg Cancun

Photo by Andie Murat

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