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Andie Murat   (mur-rah)   

Andie, with our friends Kathy and Dale's baby, Lucy.We are still trying to find the reasons for Andie's continued symptoms, but we are grateful she came through the surgeries okay. It was a very difficult time when we thought we might lose her. We, family and friends, all think she is the wonderful one and know how blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Andie 2

Andie 3

Andie continues to work at her photography and at being the best partner anyone could ever hope to have in their life. We travel more and more and she is always quick to make new friends wherever we go. Her flowers are in bloom and she loves working in her garden. She is still my best friend.
   She has watched the weather channel almost continuously to keep up with the news of hurricanes in the Florida area. It hasn't seemed to deter her in her desire to live in that state. I hope she will show me how to use her camera and let me take some pictures of her to update photos. So far she is not going for it. Send an e-mail request for updates, it will help me negotiate.
   She is the one who has taught all these young people to drive. She is fearless. Now she and Liz are in the process of arranging to go tandem hang gliding. We are still looking into the purchase of a kite surfing set up for her. She just seems to be determined to get airborne one way or another. I can't wait to see the photos.


Clearwater Beach

Arizona Flight


Mixed Photos

Mt. Rainier



The Fickel's Tree


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