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Lovers Kiss       Greg, &Jason

Spirit of Washington Dinner Train
Columbia Winery Cellar Club members getting down on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.

Beautiful Andie  
 Lovely Andie

April 29
   So I call the PUD and they tell us we will be without power for 5 days. Now five days in the dark without water and with losing all the food in the freezer and fridge might not be so bad. It will be like camping. However the cold dark house has alerted the local spider population of the possibility that the house is theirs now. Andie got bitten twice last night. Andie just called and said maybe it is not a bite. I hope. I hope. It is difficult to feel a bite and then try to sleep when you haven't found the perpetrator. We take so many things for granted. Little every day things seem like wonderful luxuries after they disappear: things like taking showers and flushing a toilet. I talked to a friend last night who said he went four days without power in the heart of that cold snap we had this last winter. That would be much worse; freezing in the dark. It is starting to get a bit ripe around here but we will make it.
  I heard from Grandpa Joe today. He is in the outback of Tennessee waiting to start on a new adventure. It was good to hear his voice and to hear Uncle John is doing well.
    I also received a poem by Shannon Ramey, a friend from Lake Stevens Covenant. It was a pleasant surprise. Andie and I spend a lot of time in conversation and reflection about that small fellowship. I have thought of how much good could come from using that marquee outside to minister to the thousands of people who pass by it each day. It has been blank for awhile and that is sad. Of course I tend to dramatize everything. So maybe it isn't sad, it is just blank.