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Busy with the day to day. Looking forward to the waking up breathing tomorrow.
Looking for a new life and means of making it. Working with Mike Daily at his Studio 04.

Simmering a lot of song ideas on the back burner and feel the urge to create but I have been trying to get myself in a good spiritual space so I write positive songs. May take awhile.

Meanwhile Mike Daily continues to plug away at the 2 or 3 CD's worth of songs we have recorded at his studio. I hope to spend more time working on those. They say you need an end date goal to finish a project. It must be true since we laid these tracks down starting in December of 2005.

My opinion of the agents I have known remains the same. A handful of gigs in my career and 90% of the worst experiences I have had musically. Tomorrow is a new day though and I hope to find someone who would manage my schedule so I can play more.

The studio added a new iPhone which died today. Loved it while it worked though. Wow. What a gadget!


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