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Light Hearted Latin Jazzy Reggae Pop

Papa G at the Garlic Festival

The Garlic Festival Greg Murát July 4th, 2003 Key of D

 G                 A                               G                       A
All winter we’ve been waiting now the time is here
  Bm                          F#M                      G                        A
To gather with the trav’lers who’ve traveled far and near
G                   A                           G                               A
Listen to the Freedom songs, Hear what they have to say
Bm                        F#M                             G                        A
The music plays all day long in at the meadow by the lake
D                   Em F#m G
At the Garlic Fes-ti-val
A            G     A   D
It’s the best of all
                         D              A               G         
You’re gonna love the way you feel
                   A             G      A     D
Cuz you know that love is real
     D              A               G  
So come one and come all
            A            G  A    D
To the Garlic Fes-ti-val

Wake up and live! Love is longing for us all
Joules beats upon the Djembe with a Wild Crafted call
We Rejoice in Calm Beauty when each day is done
We take celebration Seriously and Purely we are One
Chorus Bridge
F#m                  Bm                 F#m               Bm
Join us in our jubilation & we don’t miss a trick
G                              A
You never knew there was so much to do
                   G                  A *
With The food we call garlic
Solo off chorus
So we’re headed up to Arlington, it’s good for you and I
We’ll say hello to Brotherhood and Ammishaddai
The art, the craft, the music, good food, good company
We got to get together and make some memories


Written by GREG MURÁT ©2003
Publishing rights Spare Change Music (BMI)

All rights reserved


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person
Deviation from this formula may require attorneys and therapy

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