I touched you. You touched me
Spirit sensed the harmony
Skin to skin and face to face
Lovers embrace
In symmetry

Like two lines parallel
Oh the stories our hearts could tell
We're a match, what a catch
You are to me

Autumn leaves start to fall
Another season has come to call
When the winter shows its face
We will embrace
In symmetry

All through our lives
We've seen the husbands
And the wives
Now I'm for you, you're for me
Lovers meant to be
In symmetry.

Those who know us know we've tried before
I thought the search would last forever more
Then you walked in
My life began again and then

I touched you
You touched me
Spirit soared in harmony
Skin to skin and face to face
We will embrace in symmetry

Words & Music by Greg Murat
©1991 All Rights Reserved