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Band photos by Bruce Campbell

The Band

It is difficult to find the words to express the gratitude I feel towards my friends and fellow musicians. There are so many who have poured their hearts and souls into this music over the years.  The troop that is with me at this time is a group of talented, amazing and giving people. I am also humbly grateful for the fans. You are family to me. You come out and bring your love and spirit and it lifts us all higher. You have kept me going when nothing else felt like it could. We heal each other. Thank you.

Jimmy Culler

Jimmy Culler-Bass and Vocals
Jimmy is a melodic bassist who has played
with Papa G for decades while playing with
many fine groups as well. He knows this
music like no one else and adds his signature
bass lines to many of the tunes.

Jimmy Culler has been there playing bass at every opportunity since Ricardo's, Provinces, Sailor's Taste of Edmonds and a long list of venues over the years. He has blossomed into a sought after musician yet continues to be there for and believe in this music. He unflinchingly drives down from Arlington every Monday that we have the chance to gather at Mike Daily's studio.
I  am so withdrawn from people as a result of PTSD that this is a source of therapy to me and all of us in many ways. Many are the nights that Jimmy and I have spent playing music and laughing deliriously for hours. He has been a friend and brother all these years and seen me through a ridiculous array of changes. He is an outdoors man, a river guide, a skydiver, one of those guys who knows all about mushrooms and a list too long to mention. I am grateful he continues to share time and music with me.    


Michael Daily
Mike Daily-Drums-Vocals
Mr Daily is the owner operator of Studio 0 Four
recording studio and a member of many bands.
His is fine drummer, singer, engineer, producer
and a great guy .  

MIke Daily is a very dedicated musician, always striving to grow and expand his talents as a musician and an engineer. He has created a very fine studio in Marysville. He expands his knowledge and gear on an ongoing basis. The Hear Back system is such a treat to work with when practicing or recording. Taking the time to get a customizable mix in the headphones leads to instant therapeutic bliss. He has multiple ongoing projects as well as our weekly Mondays as time and health permits. He is very good at completing projects and releasing CD's. I am the thorn in his paw as I don't seem to be able to finish anything. God bless him for his dedication and patience. Check out the studio Studio 0 Four

John Matthews
John Matthews-Percussion
John is joy filled percussionist who is from Oak
Harbor and has played in numerous groups and
brings a happy spirit to the music.

John is another member of the group who makes the long trek from Kirkland to gather and play music for 3 hours on Mondays whenever we can. It has been a joy to watch him grow and see him feel appreciation and support for his talent. It is very busy in that brain I imagine and for he has  lots of ideas. He always brings a treasure trove of toys to shake, rattle or hit. Through it all he brings a thoughtfulness and caring for the music that is inspirational. He is also a very good friend and very conscientious about checking in on my family and me when we are having a rough go. I am grateful for the support and the love he brings to the music and life.

TwoMacs      Scott and Debbie MacGougan
Scott MacGouganDebbie MacGougan singer and wife of Scott MacGougan of the TwoMacs

Scott MacGougan-Lead Guitar and Vocals  and Debbie MacGougan vocals Scott is an accomplished and tasteful musician whose lead guitar is superbly complimentary to Murat music. He and his wife Debbie have a group called TwoMacs.  
Their music has become their full time passion and when I do get to join them to play music for fun I play percussion.

Mr. Scott MacGougan long time friend, inspiration and musician who has taken many a bumpy ride supporting me on and off the stage. His musical genius has always been a source of inspiration. At this point in time  it is grand to see him cranking out inspirational and awesome original tunes at the speed of Light. His wife Debbie learns them as fast as he can write them and gives them wings with her beautiful voice.
He produced my first record back in 1984. He used to drive all the way from Tacoma on his day off after playing a 5 righter in Everett to sit in with me at Ricardo's. He has shown up at so many solo gigs and pushed them over the top with his talent and superb guitar work. He has been the king of improve winging it as I would toss out new original tunes. I can sing some of his solo's from the first record Gone to Yesterday: The ride out on I Need a Change, Solo on Don't Trade Tomorrow, The Dawn, Kinda Like It Mellow. Amazing stuff he has contributed. He and Debbie remain amongst of my dearest  and most talented friends. All the band members of the band do.

Los Other Great Guys

There are many other talented musicians that have been a part of the music and who are always in my heart. I will find pictures and update this page to express my appreciation of their talent and friendship through the years. 

Dale Fuentes photo by Jimmy Culler
Dale Fuentes extraordinary flutist and latin jazz musician
Dale and I met at The Admiral's Mistress decades ago on Whidbey Island. He was tending bar and I was sitting on a stool playing acoustically for an audition. He ran back into the liquor room and came out with a flute and completely knocked me out with his style and talent. Dale is, like many of the musicians I have been honored to make music with, a unique talent and world class artist. His percussive passion approach to playing flute is emotionally and joyfully all encompassing. He carries you away and claims any tune he is accompanying and transforms it into something more magical and inspirational than it could ever be without him. He was at most of my best shows over the years and his absence from the band is huge. He has through the years had many groups showcasing his talent . Among them  was Bahia and they produced at least two very fine CD's. If you see his name on the billboard playing somewhere don't miss it. You will be happy you went.

Photo by Papa G

There is a long list of thank you's to make and as time and photos allow I will express them starting with Ron Llinas. I am grateful to have tracks to listen to so I can revisit friends like Ron that I rarely get to see. Ron played with The Delivery Boys, The Linezmen, Rhythm Cafe and  lots of other groups. We did several shows and some recording sessions with Ron on Lead Guitar. He is a soulful singer and a tasty player and another great human being. He also put a lot of time and love into making Murat Music when he was with us.

Christopher Nichols on lead guitar at Provinces
Photo by Papa G

Christopher Nickels is a singer and guitarist currently in the band The?. He has been in the Penguins, Captain Crunch and numerous local bands. He has his own style and presence and it was fun to share the stage with him for a time. He does a mean You Can Keep Your Hat On by Joe Cocker. He has taken up making Shakuhachi flutes and has become quite an expert. He is one of many fine players who have been a part of this music and to which I am very thankful.

There are links to CD's. There are none currently online or in print but links to the credits and descriptions are on the Music  page. There will be an additional page of credits and thanks to many other musicians like Doug Hamilton, who co-wrote many songs with me including It's Time of the Room With A View CD.  You can send me an e-mail at


Papa G

Greg Murat-Guitar and Vocals
Papa G writes the songs and drives the groove

Band Photos by Bruce Campbell

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