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LIVE       Greg Murat  April 17, 2010

Copyright Greg Murat 2010
Publishing Spare Change Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

I’m busting up my judgment seat
Gonna build a great big fire
Looking what I’ve got to give away
Not what I can acquire

Bm7                F#m7
We’re all in this together
                 G add4
And it can be a bumpy ride
Am7                                   Bm7
We’ve got to pass through the same door
C                 D             
To reach the other side

Emaj6/9     F#m7           B7      Emaj6/9
Live       Look up at the great big     sky
F#m7               B7      Emaj6/9
See how the      stars all align
Dmaj7     Emaj6/9
Live. Live. Live
F#m7               B7      Emaj6/9

Every day’s     another day to shine
F#m7            B7      Emaj6/9

There will never be a better time
 Dmaj7     Emaj6/9
Live. Live. Live

Verse 2

I’m thinking I can make the climb
So I’m rolling up my sleeves
I’ve found I find a little peace of mind
When I help someone in need
Pre-chorus   Chorus

F#m7sus                             C#m9/E
From the moment of my birth to the instant of my death
F#m7sus                                      C#m9/E
I want to live in every minute, life in every breath

Verse 3

I’m standing on the mountain top
And I can see the setting sun
Gonna give what I've got with gratitude
Until my days are done

Pre-chorus   Chorus


Dmaj6/9                    Em9

5 5 4 6 0 0                0 7 7 5 7 0   

G add C                     Emaj 7
3 3 5 4 3 3                 0 7 6 8 7 0 

F#m7                      B7                   Dmaj7

X 9 9 9 10 9            7 X 7 8 7 X      0 5 4 6 5 0  

F#m7sus                     C#m9/E
2 2 O 2 2 O               O 4 4 2 4 O   

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