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April Happy Birthdays
Sarah Maria, Noel, Kenny Lee, Linda, Nancine    :)


April 20th, 2008

Freedom sent some new pictures over a few days so I made a little slide show and if you click on the picture of Sebastian and Anjali the pictures will open in a new window.
I just got an order of silver water products so they are kicking boody on the sinus infection I picked up last week. Kayden is getting better too. Andie and I feel really tired today. Our boy started the new day off at 5 am. We are just getting him to sleep now so we can have a turn. We will see. He doesn't sound very tired. I am. I am looking forward to dreamland.
Freedom comes into town tomorrow I believe. We hope to see them for a bit on Earth Day. We will see how it all unfolds. We are very excited to see Anjali for the first time. Sarah is in Paris in her new place. The place she had rented ahead of time turned out to be a fiasco and she didn't except it. She now has a thousand square feet of space with a piano, two lofts and two sofas; a far cry from a studio apartment that came with a room mate who was using the space as an office as well. She stepped up to bat and hit a home run. My mind is treading the waters of wakefulness... time for dreaming. Night night.


April 15. 2008      First see where you are going, then follow the tracks that lead you there. Thomas the Train

  So we come to another day. I am almost finished with a new song. It is folksy and kind of Joni Mitchell like. I have about fifteen verses I am sorting. It began as the flash poem on the 7th of April. Letting go. It is a nice stretch vocally and I am looking forward to recording it this week. I am just about recovered enough to set about finishing the two plus CD's on the stove at Studio 04. Larry Mason also contacted me about recording Springtime of the Year in a studio on Whidbey Island. I had no idea I would be sick for so long. They say disease cannot live in a body when a person is at peace and living in joy and gratitude. I believe that is true. Being in joy is a curiosity for many people. How do you live and be in joy? Pay attention. Pay attention to what is real behind all the illusions of this world. Life is but a moment but sometimes it seems so very long and hard. Prosperity is as much, if not more, spiritual than tangible. Being at peace comes with focusing on peace and joy. We have to see, and feel where we are going; what our goal is. Just like Thomas said, then we just follow the tracks. Many have been left for us. Very many.

April 7. 2008      Life is lived in moment. Love is letting go. Papa G

  Sarah leaves for France once again on the 16th. I had fancied flying there with her but it didn't work out. I had a great time at the Art Walk in Seattle the first Thursday of the month. Sarah invited Chani and I over to visit her place and go for the walk. Sarah had to work at one of the galleries in Pioneer Square so we didn't get to hang out as much as I would have liked. Sarah has this spectacular view from a deck at her apartment in Seattle. It is amazing. She served us snacky cakes and sparkling wine. We sat in the sunshine and basked in each other's company and then headed down town. Knuck met up with us at the Square and we did the walk together. It was great for Chani to see what people are getting paid for their artwork. She will do well as an artist. It was fun to talk to three or four of the artists who were showing their work. I learned that you can rent your art for 10% a month until returned or purchased, that heavily layered acrylics can give the appearance of paraffin and that there are some very good and very bad artists showing in Seattle. One of the best parts of the event is people watching. I love that part of visiting the city. The whacky shouting folks are not my favorite though. Some people are severely tormented. There were far more jolly folks about the streets than there were lost souls. I look forward to another trip next month. It was nice to be there so early. Chani got to see the art and the galleries when they were completely empty. I informed her that was not what the Art Walk is like. She saw for herself by 6:30. Places were packed. We stopped back to visit Sarah but the proprietor said "I hate to break this up but ..." as Chani, Knuck and I were standing at the counter talking to Sarah. We departed without force and I headed home soon after talking Knuck and Chani to her car. A good time was had by all.

Heard from Freedom. They are making big plans to rearrange their lives in California. They were out there for a visit and loved it. Freedom sounded very enthused with the idea of a move. When they returned home to Sedona Anjali became ill and ended up in the hospital the night she, Natalie and Freedom returned. He said it was difficult beyond words to see her so sick but she bounced back as good as new . She was getting a ride in a pack with her Papa when he called. He talked about how I used to carry him in a little baby back pack and we would hike for hours in the woods. I had him touching rocks, trees and singing chants I learned from Cree Elders I visited with in Oregon. It was a joyful time and a very happy memory.

Josh is loving his job still and is studying jujitsu and working out in a gym and talking about martial art competition. Sariah is singing like a canary and Christina is doing massages and they are all settling into their new home. Josh keeps cranking out the tunes. We need some new pictures of those guys and soon. I have a new tune brewing and I may just go crank up the studio and lay down a track or two. Night night.

April 2, 2008    Listen to the silence underneath the sounds. Eckhart Tolle

  I met a nice fellow named Jay at the park today. He and his wife have lived in Maui for the last 7 years. His wife is a hair stylist. He plays guitar and bass and sings and has written some songs for his daughters. His two little girls were playing and so was Kayden. Kayden even played with them a little bit. He let them go under "his" train. Before we arrived at the park I put on my rubber boots so Kayden and I could go wading in the puddles. He was already wearing his rubber boots. He refers to them as his rock boots because he wears them to go to the creek and throw rocks. I found a tiny toy dinosaur and a monkey in my boots and Kayden was playing with them. He lost the dinosaur but the monkey made it home because I had stashed it in my pocket. It is really challenging to have a conversation and watch three busy little ones at the same time. The girls were romping around more than Kayden.  I didn't get their names but I took a picture of them with my phone and sent the picture to their dad. They are little cutie pies. It looks like we are going to have some new friends. That is always a good thing.
  Andie reminded me that I need to let go and let what is waiting for me happen. I said okay, I am going to quit working. She told me it doesn't work that way. I said okay I am going to let go of working and let all good things come to me, just like the little birds and the flowers.  Apparently it doesn't work that way either. Now birds eat several times their weight in food each day and that don't have take out or home delivery.  Flowers are better off but still depend on the bees to pollinate them.  Somebody has to bring home the bacon or lentils or buffalo or salad.  Let go and let God they say. I am still working at relaxing into the flow. Man, letting go is hard work.

April 1st, 2008

Laptop is tired and wants to retire but didn't plan for it so it will have to keep on working for a while longer. Happy first day of April. I hope for good news, for abundance and most of all peace. I have had moments in the last few days of stillness and awareness that have felt profound and yet completely natural. It is the inner peace of knowing inside your spirit what words cannot truly express. It's like the smell and feeling in the air after lightning strikes nearby. Like the eye of a hurricane only the stillness calms the winds and silences the storm. Each breath is precious in that state and there is nothing that I need. It is like the words of the song, all I have is all I need. Andie and I have been having some good talks in the last weeks about life, about the family, about what does and does not matter. She is amazing in her sense of self and selflessness. We don't require a lot to be happy. We each get so much joy from Kayden. We get weary too but were it not for him I would not be springing off the couch on a second's notice when he says "Running, chasing. Ready, set, go!"  Around and around the Jump-o-lene we go. I hung a comforter off the back of the couch and attached it to the folding doors behind it. In the crawl space cave it created I placed his thick furry sensory pad thinking we could hang out in the fort and relax between games of running chasing. Guess again. "Come on Papa" he said and pointed inside then roared like a lion and began to chase me. I crawled through as fast as I could and bolted around the couch, got down on my knees and by the time I was half way through he was right on my heels. I mean I was running as fast as I could go to g et a head start but he is just a heck of a lot better crawler than me. I have crawled a few times as an adult but I don't like to mention or remember those few occasions. This is an example of being truly in tune with the moment and experiencing it fully. The sensations of the blankets, the running and most of all the peals of laughter and look of joy on his face are heaven. My body cries "Mercy! " I believe I have a body that is a nimble and limber as a child. It puts up some resistance to that mindset sometimes. I just jump and go anyway. What can I do? There is a lion chasing me. The marathon will end in tickle festival and a short rest. Speaking of resting, it is time for sleeping. No fooling.

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