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Journal  March  2007 

Frozen Wysteria

March 25, 2007    Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Ancient Chinese Proverb
Sunday morning. Andie is off to pick up her cousin Bri and Bri's her grandson Roman. I am grabbing a couple of minutes before Kayden walks in with his green frog boots and taps on his head. That is his universal "I want" sign. In the morning and in the afternoon after his nap it means. "Hey Pops let's go to the creek." One of the first things out of his mouth in the morning is the word rock or rocks as he has now learned the plural form. This refers to the gathering and throwing of rocks into the stream. I am trying to teach Kayden to use a bucket as he fills his little arms with rocks and spends more time dropping and picking the same rocks up that is takes 10 minutes to get to the creek. We are both a mess by the time we walk back to the house afterwards. His coat takes at least one washing a day. The creek is high now, about a foot. I can barely wade across with my rubber boots. He can't step in at all. It is beautiful though. We had to take an umbrella with us a few days ago as it was a torrential downpour. Try holding an umbrella over an ambitious 21 month old boy. It is quite a challenge. I hear him stirring now from his toys and expect him to walk into the studio in a moment with his boots. His therapy is working wonders and he is becoming more and more out going and affectionate. Last night and this morning he climbed on my lap and put his arms around me and hugged me. That has happened almost never. This is as good as it gets comes to mind. He must come from a long line of athletes as he likes to charge and body slam me when I least expect it. A little knowledge of martial arts comes in very handy to prevent his unexpected head buts or affectionate Karate chops.
   The thing that is a challenge is finding time and energy to write and record music. I had a couple of good days where I wrote one tune and recorded three.
It is really a matter of focus I get. Search for the window and when it opens go through it. This has been one of those windows but if I am hearing correctly I think I just heard something. Yes I did. Rock. Rock. Rocks. And so it goes.
  I would like to also say we are praying hard for my father's healing. He has been having a rough time with getting healthy and we are ready to be done with his afflictions. So we are calling out for healing and seeing it happen. Please join us. God is great.

March 24, 2007
Yesterday was Chani's birthday. It seems like a moment ago I was pushing her on a swing or watching her do the bird dance at her roller skating lessons.
Now I have to take Kayden to the creek. It all happens again.

March 19, 2007  A man never describes his own character so clearly as when he describes another. Jean Paul Richter
The days seem to stream by and look we are already past the middle of March. It is an interesting time of reflection and change. I haven't felt like writing for some time now. It just doesn't seem like I have been able to focus my thoughts. We are still looking so many possibilities that both Andie and my heads are swimming. I love our property and especially so as I think of moving away from it. On Saturday morning Kayden put his little green frog rubber boots on all by himself. He got them on the wrong feet but he and I both were so proud of him. He knew something wasn't quite right so after a few minutes I had him sit on my lap and I changed them out. He loves the creek and that is where we are headed right now.


March 8, 2007                    
Draw the things you want into your life: and see them clearly and make it happen.

  I went out with my friend Jimmy Culler last night to a little jam session at a Blues Club called Murphy's. It is on the main drag in Everett. I never do that but I haven't played in a while so I went. It was hosted by Mike Wright's band and Jimmy Wright was there as well. Jimmy is a great player and a really good guy. Scott Drexler is an all around musician who plays guitar, harmonica and congas. He is a blues dude too and a very funny person. His last band was called Mr. Smarty Pants. It seems like ages since I have been in a bar and I was thanking the Lord that I am not single. The blues was good, Jimmy and I accompanied Scott on a few tunes. He was going crazy with the need to play. It was fun.

   After playing I stood and talked to Jimmy Wright about these DVD's called The Secret. It is another guide to the importance of how we think. I had not long ago said "If I am causing all this crap in my life I want it to stop!" That verbal affirmation has been leading me to make changes in how I think. I have a cosmic amount of love, kindness and encouragement for others. In the past the same has not been true for me toward myself. So now I am making that happen. Jimmy said "That is why I am talking to you now. You are drawing changes into your life." It makes sense. He is one of those people always striving to improve and get the most out of life. You can check out his website Jimmy Wright Band

  On another note there was this young man who got up to sing a song. There were several very intoxicated people in the crowd. He said that tomorrow he was going into detox and this is the last time we would see him drunk. He then sang a song with the chorus F*** you I'm drunk again. Oh the irony of it all.

  So the last of my lesson last night was it is vital to be positive. When we are negative we are out of step with the universe. Even negative comments about people, circumstances, anything, just don't go there. I told my wife Andie that I may be quiet for a few months while I adjust my thinking and put a filter on my mouth. I am positive a change is coming. Positive.

March 4, 2007                                        
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Moving forward, always moving forward.
  Last night Dale and Kathy came over and brought us meals on wheels. They had been planning on doing that since Andie fell on the ice and broke her arm. One snow storm or another kept preventing it from happening. Finally last night they came with so much food by the time we finished dinner we could hardly move. It was a full day. I worked on the fun task of taxes. Then Ron Llinas and his brother Juno came by to look at our property. We walked the lay of the land and they talked about doing all the things I would love to do to fix up the house and lot and to eventually build a new house here. It is a lovely piece of property with all the Cedar trees and the creek at the back part of the lot. I can't really believe we are selling it. But they were still here when Kathy and Dale arrived. After they took off we commenced with the appetizers and Kayden went nuts on the pepperoni and black olives, the celery and carrot sticks. The cherry tomatoes were just fun for him to crush and he even ate a few but tomatoes give him hives. Jimmy Culler was invited but never made the occasion. We visited from 4 in the afternoon until 11 at night. Kathy and Andie played cards after we guys bored them to tears. We worked on Dale's MySpace and checked out some of our friends on line. Dale lectured me on not having my resume out there and getting a good job to take care of business. I think I got scolded. They brought very thoughtful gifts for Kayden, Andie and myself. I got a bottle of Agavera Tequila as a belated birthday present. We were good boys though and only had a few shots. Still I am a little foggy this early morning. I don't really need much sleep, never have. We have some great friends here in the Northwest, truly we do.

March 1, 2007

  March arrived with 6 inches of snow. The power is flickering but I am playing Russian Roulette and continuing to try to work a bit in the studio. I laid down some ambient tracks that have a nice feel to them. I was trying to play New Age Folk Jazz but my leads suck so I may be reduced to writing some lyrics for the piece. It has a warm flow to it. Springtime Snowfall. Just playing the music in the back ground with no lead is very nice. Soothing and I am all about that kind of feeling.
  All this moving stuff has me feeling crazy. The fight of finance gives me a headache. Things will fall into place and what will be will be. We are due for a change and the change is going to come. I have space to record here in our humble home, if I don't have that I fear I would not do so well. Fighting the gear these last several years is also about to change as I am going to fix the issues and go forward with the skill set I have developed and the ear and heart I have. I fear I will do a great deal of good for other players as well as myself in the long run. We are after all one big family. One big family meant to look out for one another.

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