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Journal  June  2008 

Paris at sunset

June 30th

This month did not fly by. It lasted 6 years 2 weeks 7 days and 52 hours. Even as I sit with my Powerbook on my lap I hit cob webs and still air. I have continued to study and listen and ponder. I have enjoyed a visit with Sarah, a few with Chani, I got to celebrate Steve's birthday with he, Chani and some great people and friends who came to the new house in Seattle. Chani's puppy is so mellow and happy with the giant yard they have. It is a great home and they have it styled out. It was good times and good people. I played guitar with Sean, a friend who knows a ton of country songs. It was a kick and he was entertaining the entire evening while I was there. He and a few other fellows departed quickly at the prospect of Brazilian women at a another party. Knuck and I did play one of my favorite of his tunes called "Shut Up On This." Freedom and family are in Northern California but haven't spent much time in their new space due to the more than 1,000 forest fires that are burning. He sounded in good spirits for the brief amount of time we spoke. I have allergies like no body's business. I can't even write. Playing phone tag with Josh. Saw Liz for a minute today. I am afraid I am off to sleep.

June 7th     
The fish swimming in the ocean who thinks he is thirsty is in need of some serious counseling.
June is here and it is already the 7th. I haven't written a poem in ages. There are great poems waiting to be written. I am working on changing my thinking. I have been doing so much steady and meditation on what I am learning that I haven't been inclined to write. I didn't write at all in Paris. I just soaked it all up. I am soaking up ancient wisdom now and learning to still my brain. It is an exciting and challenging process at this stage of life. Andie is continuing her journey towards ultimate healthy mountain tops although there are a few serious valleys we are traversing together at this time. Health comes with peace of mind and a joyful heart. It is the times when our mind is quiet that are the most real. Incessant and sporadic thinking is the source of a great deal of inner turmoil and disease. I have just had a few minutes so far of what I think the text that says "be still and know I am God." In stillness is where that presence is felt. It is a powerful experience and all too elusive in the past. Okay, enough of the early morning philosophy. Kayden will be three years on the earth as of June 10th. It is hard to believe and wonderful at the same time. It is like watching a flower unfold to watch him grow. A few nights ago I was rocking him and he said "I go sleepy now." As I tucked him in he sighed and said "My Papa." As I was leaving the room he said "Daytime comes again." I smiled and said "Yes it does. I love you." He said "I love you too Papa." A few days before as I laid him down to change a poopy diaper he said "You're a good Papa." Those are the moments we remember best and that are best remembered when life leads us through the valley of Not Much Fun. Happy thoughts.

Andie continues to be an amazing partner and friend. She is one who carries on no matter what. I love her so much and look forward to the time when she feels it is okay to relax. She is always looking for some way to help someone and look out for other people. It is only funding that stands between her and monumental deeds of good will. She gives the most and asks the least of anyone I know. She continues to be an inspiration.

Chani and Knuck have a cool new house near Lake City and the pictures are beautiful. I hope to see it this week. She sent me a cell picture of a bookcase she just built in her garage space. It is awesome and she seems really happy. We had a good turn will a local dentist Dr. Jim Courrier. He got her in three times with no notice as she had problems some incompetent dentists she had been seeing. She ended up in a very serious condition with a bone infection and he has well on the way to recovery. I won't even get started on our medical system. I will say our health is in our and God's hands and we need to protect ourselves as much as possible from doctors. It is so refreshing to have seen compassion and competence at least in dentistry. I still haven't seen it in corporate clinical environments. Protect yourself. Be healthy.

Freedom continues to heal I believe. He has sent several pictures of Anjali but no more e-mail's and phone calls. I trust the Medicine Warrior is well on his way to recovery. They are supposed to move to California by June 1st but I don't know the status. I was just listening to Live in Ashland yesterday and thinking how the world needs that music. The pictures of Anjali, Natalie, Sebastian and Freedom are all great. One happy family.

Sarah is back and staying with Karen in Lynnwood, going on dump runs, taking her to the dentist and helping out. We haven't seen her yet though she has been back a week. She is a popular girl and a visit will probably involve driving by and having a cup of tea. It was wondrous to have been in Paris with her. Next time I want to be there when she is not working. She is such a world a traveler and independent soul.

Josh just got a raise at work and is very popular there in Ojai. He is after all Mr. Charm. Sariah sings every time we talk on the phone. How do you move to be near grand children when they are so spread out. Josh hopes to get set up for his recordings again soon and is thinking of picking up an Epiphone semi hollow body guitar. He is such a great player. Christina is doing massages and continuing to study and learn more about healing. We miss them a lot.

Liz is busy with her life and I don't get to see her unless I stop by her work. She is thinking about going to school and saving to buy a house. I think we are getting together tomorrow for a little birthday celebration for Kayden and perhaps a trip to the zoo and aquarium. The weather is typical Washington; wet gray cloud draped sun shine. She is looking good and it would be nice to see her around more.

Out little dog Spot is going to 12 years old. Here is a tip for you. Cold pressed castor oil little sprinkled on your dog's food. She was losing her hair and had awful skin conditions and I read lack of healthy fat could cause that so I started adding Castor Oil to her food and her coat is all back and shiny and her skin is completely healed. Cool.

We have been busy at least planning home improvements. We are brush busters and cedar trimmers and have cleaned up a ton of debris around the property. It would be nice to have a truck and trailer to haul stuff away but the neighbors are offering help and vehicles so we will get 'er done.

Music has been so far back on the burner that if the world were truly flat it would have fallen off all together. Tonight I have rehearsal with Jimmy and Mike and I believe Jimmy Wright as well. It should be fun and island rocking. I am working on a tune that Dee Robersin wrote, adding a bridge and making a few changes and I have about three songs steaming that just need seasoning, time and love to complete.

Well it is guys day and I am still waiting for Kayden to wake up. I guess while I have the chance, I will make some tea and maybe power shower for the coming day. Peace. Greg

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