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Journal  July  2009 

Malibu Greg
  July 10th 2009
I miss my Mac. I can't seem to get this dang thing to work worth a poop. Ah well. It is beautiful weather. It was a lovely trip to visit Josh, Christina and Sariah. It was great to get away with Sarah Maria. We travel well together. Thanks to Andie for making it all possible. I loved seeing everyone and hearing the wonderful songs Josh is writing and singing. He played and sang his heart out and it was some of the best time we ever spent together. He showed me some of his jujitsu moves and it is apparent how good for him it has been to learn. He is now what one might refer to as a bad ass when it comes to his martial arts skills. What a wonder for a father to see all that growth. Sariah is growing up way too fast for me. She loved playing running chasing with me but her favorite was bouncing on her bed with Sarah and singing songs she made up. They were laughing their hearts away. We had a lovely time at the beach near Ventura except Sarah got her little finger broken by a hard football. We both got toe and finger jam but she got by far the worst of it.
Now it is time to relax and prepare for a show at the airport tomorrow. I am looking forward to playing and singing with my friends.

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Greg Murat (mur-rah)  
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