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Journal   October 2010

October 26, 2010
No journal entry for August or September and only this for October until today.
As Kayden stealthly slips acorss the living room floor I grab a moment to write.
I love writing so why do I spent so little time doing it? The cares of day to day.
The wandering without a plan. It is a vast sea and without navigation one can drift
until the very end of life. Still being truly in each moment is an inspiration of wonder.
I wonder what that is like.
Take three things a day to become aware. Just make note of three good things that
happened to you and why. This, I am told, will change your life. I know when one focuses
only on the bad things good things are easily over looked. The same is true if you focus on the
good things. Good and bad are relative terms anyway. It is all just life; lessons to learn.
Speaking of lessons, it is time to start getting Kayden ready for school. Andie is sick again
with a cough and is resting a little bit this morning.
It's a brand new day.

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Greg Murat (mur-rah)  
  Singer-Songwriter  Guitarist