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Journal  March  2010 

March 7, 2010
  Up early this morning and feeling rested. I am working on a re-write of an old tune; Something's Gotta Happen. It may just spin out into a whole new tune altogether. The juices are flowing and I am using this initial burst of creativity to look at my catalogue and see what can be polished and improved. I went to a musical about Noah's Arc one time and afterwards the writers came out onto the stage and talked about creating the show. There were two writers and one said, "Great songs aren't written, they are re-written." Re-written is come from the Greek word reopalopalopalus which means scrolls and make new. Scrolls were written and make new is write again. So there you go. (Can you tell I made that up?)
   We had a lovely visit from Jason, Blu and their beautiful and charming baby girl Lily yesterday. She is a very happy girl. I got to sing to her and carry her around and play a few of my kids songs for her. Of course I had to try out Boody Wah Scoody as well. What a lovely day it was.
  I had planned to go see Dave Raynor's new band in Seattle last night but I got tired after reading Kayden his bedtime stories. I managed to stay awake though after he fell asleep. I am sure Dave had a great night and wish I had had the energy to check it out.
  I would love to find some venues for the big version of the band so we could have John Matthews on stage with us. Ron Llinas sent me an e-mail saying he auditioned for and got the job of lead guitarist for a working Classic Rock band that is booked the next three months in advance. That sounds like Ron's element. He has the knack and heart for rock 'n roll. He has worked very hard at the Murat music and I was just thinking of all the different guitarists who have played in the band, he is the only one who learned the solo I wrote and played for Love Wears Your Name. He is a talented musician and great friend. What was I saying about change? This is a good change and so refreshing from past things like the Banana Brothers, Murat and Hamilton and so many other times when the end of a band was really painful and funky ( not in a good funky way). I am blessed with very many supportive friends and musicians and I am so grateful for all they do and have done.
  I am going to try and practice now and see if Lucy Lieu, our dove, will not start cooing and wake up Andie and Kayden.
Kayden tree climber  pretending to be a grinch.

March 1, 2010
  Not much going in the journal of late. Will probably be discontinuing it all together soon. I plan on making this a music and art web site as it was originally intended. Not much point in the family arena with Facebook and all the other options out there. There are also all those blogs which I had never heard of when this whole thing started. This is a time of transition and great change coming: travel, moves, closing and opening doors. It is a time of spiritual renewal and coming into power, a time to use the gifts God gave me for good, for growth. It will be a time for teaching,the continuous adventure of letting go of the past, stubbornness and rigidity. It is a time for strengthening relations and new connections, beginnings and endings. Time for moving on and starting anew. If one spins in circles the only thing one achieves is dizziness. It is a time of laying down complaints and excuses and being all I can be. It is a time of deep soul searching and allowing myself to make choices for the best, comfortable or not. Growth is often painful. Surprisingly resistance to growth is painful too, only no good comes from the pain.
   I see much more music happening, more writing, creating, recording. I see change and new direction. I see sharing hope and love through music, writing and teaching. Jump for joy. Sadness comes too easy and stays too long. I feel the need to be organized with all this music I have written and continue to write. It is crazy how inaccessible so much of it is. I am in the processing of making cheat sheets on all my tunes. I have done so many times on paper and given them away. Now in the digital realm I can make them once and pass them on. Learning new material has been a real eye opener and mind clearer as well. My friend Frank Krivasich has shown me all kinds of new music, especially instrumental artists, that have really inspired my practice and playing guitar. I love Paco de Lucia and Tommy Emmanuel especially. So as I prepare to chart a song and practice another half hour I welcome the coming days grateful for my wife Andie, Sarah in New York, Freedom in Hawaii, Josh in Ojai, Chani in Seattle, Liz in Everett, Kayden in his room and all my family near and far. I am especially grateful to the people who listen to the music I make and encourage me to continue making more. God bless you.

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